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Sims: Makin' Magic Cheats "Get magic ingredients for children" (PC)


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Get magic ingredients for children

-Children cannot get MagiCoins. To use their Magic Charger, you must get the ingredients using items. Note: You can also use these things to get items for adults. Except for Pixie Dust, Adults can make them and then have kids pick it up.

Toadstool: Sit on them a lot and mushrooms will grow. Harvest them to get Toadstools.
Dragon: Brush him a lot to get Dragon Scales and tickle him a lot to get Dragon Tears.
Visions Of Sugar Plums (pink butterfly toy chest): Have a child play will this a lot and he or she will get Pixie Dust.

-An easy way to get Toadstools, Dragon Tears, and Dragon Scales for your kids without going through all the hassle is to simply have your magic adults buy the ingredients and put them in the Magic Bookshelf (downloadable from You can now have the kids go up to the bookshelf and pick it up. Note: The kids have to fend for themselves to get Fairie Dust.

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