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Sims: Makin' Magic Cheats "Winning Magic duels" (PC)


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Winning Magic duels

-Once your Sim is worthy enough to face other Sim opponents to test their magic, have them go to Magic Town. Show off their skills by challenging another Sim to a Magic duel. To do this (if you have not edited the original Magic Town), go to Clowntastic Land or A Spooktacular Spot, where there is a Diametric Dueling Device. Have the Sim you want to battle, and click on it. The word "Duel" will appear. Click on it and it will show all the names of people on the lot for you to challenge. Note: You can face the vendors. When yous select the Sim that you want to battle, the dueling begins when they arrive at their post. You get MagiCoins for defeating any Sim. You get more coins the better you defeat them. The following is a list of weaknesses and strengths of the magical elements (White Lightning, Red Wave, Blue Tornado, Black Blizzard, Yellow Brimstone):

The same element against itself is a tie. Do not do this if you want to get MagiCoins from your opponent:

White defeats Blue and Red
Red defeats Blue and Black
Blue defeats Yellow and Black
Black defeats White and Yellow
Yellow defeats White and Red

Note: Facing some of the vendors will give you more MagiCoins than the normal Sims. The maximum number of MagiCoins you can get from dueling is 40 per duel, with a Sim opponent with full logic.

-While in a duel, just after the challenger chooses a spell, pause game play to give yourself time to think of what spell to use. Then, select the spell, resume the game, and watch what happens. Keep repeating this. Note: You only have a certain time to react; pause immediately after the challenger chooses the spell (unless you are down to the last spell), or your Sim will choose automatically (which is rarely correct). Also, be careful on what spells you select. Use your strategy wisely and always keep track of what spells are available. The spells are: White Lightning (White), Red Wave (Red), Blue Tornado (Blue), Black Blizzard (Black), and Yellow Brimstone (Yellow). Getting into a tie (using the same elements/spells) is good, but only do this when it is verynecessary. You need to win the rounds to win MagiCoins. Even if you win one round and tied the rest, you will get MagiCoins (though not many).

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