Sims Online, The PC Cheats

Rating 4

Transfer possessions

Give somebody else that you trust your money and items. Retire your Sim, create a different person, then return. You can get all your previous possessions back.

Rating 3

Easier restaurant money-making

When you have a job at the restaurant, this trick will be very useful. Stand in front of the refrigerator, but not enough so that the chef cannot get through to it. When a chef opens the refrigerator door, click near the center of the fridge and options will appear. Choose the "Carry" interaction and your Sim will pick up the food out of thin air. Serve the food to the customer, and you will get better payouts because of the fast service.

Rating 3

Super glue food

Purchase a McFlurry and, when the attendant hands it to you, X it out in the middle of the process. You can do almost anything that you normally can, but with a McFlurry held. Note: If you eat or drink, the McFlurry will disappear. This trick will not help your hunger.

Rating 3

Super glue laptop

Have two people select the same laptop at the same time. It will split into two laptops, and one of those Sims will not be able to put it down.

Rating 1

View all conversations

Press CTRL + H to view all the conversations in a house since you have been there.

Rating 1

Find someone quickly

Note: This trick is mostly useful in large properties. If you want to find someone fast, right click on their face and it will take you to them.

Rating 1

Stop pet messes

After training your cat or dog to use the bathroom where you want it to, place a whacketball target (drain) where you want your pet to use the bathroom.

Rating 1

Stopping unwanted instant messages

Open three instant message boxes (or e-mail boxes) in-game, but do not speak to those Sims.

Rating 1

Empty chat bubble on properties

Press BACKSPACE and then ENTER. An empty chat bubble should appear.

Rating 1


Make sure there is a bed by the wall. Put your Sim to bed and after they are asleep, go into buy mode and put something in the way of them from getting up. Return to live mode. Click on something such as going to the bathroom or sitting on a couch. They will try to get up, will not be able to, and lay back down. Then, go back into buy mode and move the item. You can now go back into live mode and be sleep walking. To check on this, click on yourself and it should read "Wake up". This will help keep your fun, energy, and social levels up. However, stay away from noises like radios, computers, and the television. Also, do not take a shower or you will wake up. You cannot do transactions with another Sim in this condition, but can do whatever you want.

Rating 0

Stay green longer

Green up in this order: Hunger, Energy, Bladder, Hygiene, Fun, and Social.

Rating 0

No ashes from cannons

Put two walls in front of your cannon. The ash will disappear and you will no longer have to clean up after it.

Rating 0

Pop-up books

Enable the "Super glue food" trick and read a book or study. The McFlurry will appear from the book like a pop-up.

Rating 0

Staying green while AFK (away from keyboard)

Choose an object and select the "Hide Under" interaction. You will never lose green, however your unlocked skills will decay.