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Sims, The Cheats "Get tombstones" (PC)


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Get tombstones

The easiest way to get tombstones short of starving your own family is to starve your neighbors. If you like your neighbors, first create families of eight random people. Then create a closed in area, put a teleporter (custom downloadable object from various Sims sites), and teleport your neighbors in. It works best if it is a water enclosed area because you can use the move_objects on code to move in one of your less experienced cooks and start a fire with a stove. Make sure you have enough room to keep them away from the fire until it goes out naturally. There is because even if you have a phone, the fireman cannot get to the fire and you cannot move your Sim out of the enclosure until the fire is out. Try to keep them busy cleaning up all the messes on the floor. If you do not want to go through all that trouble, just wait about four days and they will begin to die. Note: If you kill off all your neighbors, they do not reappear when you go back to the neighborhood -- they are dead permanently.

2 years ago

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