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Sims, The Cheats "Keep baby easier" (PC)


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Keep baby easier

To keep a baby without social services taking it away, just have one of the parents (the person in the lower rank of their job is recommended) to miss work two days in a row to get fired. They can now pay 24 hour attention to the baby.

To save your baby from being taken, enable the move_objects on code. Then, go to buy mode and click on the person and delete her. Your baby should appear again. Note: You will have to raise your baby again, but it still works.

Enable the move_object on code, pick up the baby, and put it in your bedroom. Whenever your baby cries, you will automatically wake up, and feed, sing, etc. , then go back to sleep.

To keep your baby and not get fired, alternate between the two parents. For example, mother misses work but father goes then the next day mother goes and father stays. Another advantage to doing this is that you can brush up on work skills. When using this strategy, move your baby everywhere you go. It is slow but it will not take long to get to the baby.

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