Sims: Unleashed PC Cheats

Rating 3

Money for flies glitch

Enable the move_objects on code, then click on the flies buzzing around the house. The label on the bottom of the screen describes that you can delete the SSRI Virtual Reality Set for 2300 Simolians, when you actually have the flies at hand that are worth nothing.

Rating 2

Full need meters

If your Sim is very depressed or has a low attribute, enable the move_objects_on code and pause game play. Click on the Sim in buy/sell mode and click the bottom of the screen to delete him/her. Once deleted, go to the live mode and double clock the person's head icon to go to where that Sim is located. Everything should be close to full. Note: Wave the game immediately before performing this cheat, or you will lose any career changes or points you have earned.

Rating 2

Exceed family member limit

To add other members to your family after you already have eight members, enable the move_objects on code. If you have a family that consists of eight members and you want to add another, delete six of your family members. Those members are not gone forever. If you want another kid, keep the parents active and try to get a baby. If you want another pet, keep one adult active and buy a pet. You will not be able to control what this new member does.

Rating 2


Purchase a telescope and have your Sim look in it. At random, aliens will take your Sim to the heavens for an entire day. Your Sim will return with a thought bubble over its head, with a picture of a alien. Note: This does not always happen. Keep trying and it will happen eventually.

Rating 2


You can stack a couploe things on top of each other. For example, with the cookies under the "Other" section in "Miscellaneous", place one and without moving your pointer place another one and repeat. You can also create a tower from the Turkeys found in the same area. You may need to enable the move_objects on code for this to work. You can also alternate stack the two items together.

Rating 2

Naked Sim glitch

Have your Sim take a bath in the cheapest shower (the small square one where he or she can stand up). Once he or she is taking a shower, pause game play and enable the move_objects on code. Delete the shower while your Sim is bathing, then resume the game and your Sim will be completely naked with no censor blur. They will think that they are in normal clothing. This effect can be disabled by "changing" clothes.

Rating 2

Do not pay taxes

Enable the move_objects on code and delete your mailbox to not have to pay taxes. Note: Your newspaper will still be delivered.

Rating 2

Remove censor

When your Sims love each other a lot, they will skinny dip in the hot tub together. Enable the move_objects on code while they are skinny dipping and remove the hot tub.

Rating 2

Watch Raccoon fight glitch

When your pet tries fighting El Bandito the raccoon, pause game play and enable move_objects on code. Click on the fight scene. It should show the fight cloud. Move the cloud and resume the game to watch the animals fight.

Rating 1

Avoid paying bills

-To pay your bills at no cost, tell your Sim to pay the bill as soon as he or she walks into the same room as the bill. Pause and save the game, then enable the move_objects on code. Delete your Sim, then revive him while the game is still paused. Resume the game and tell your Sim to pay the bill. The bill should be reduced to 0 Simoleons.

Rating 1

Never ending presents glitch

Put a a Christmas tree, fireplace, and a plate of cookies in one room, then enable the move_objects on code. Delete your Sims before midnight. When Santa Claus appears, he will give you one large present, then he will start filling your house with wrapped gifts. After he has finished as many gifts as there are Sims, plus one more, click on your Sims so they reappear in your house (or the game will freeze). Leave the game on speed 3 for awhile until Santa finishes covering everything with presents.

Rating 1

Swim in puddle glitch

If you have a puddle on your lot, make one of your Sims start swimming in the swimming pool. After that, enable the move_objects on code. Pick up your Sim and put them in the puddle. It will appear as if your Sim is swimming in a puddle.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C during game play to display a prompt in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat. Note: Enter [Exclamation point] at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered. Enter a [Semi-colon] between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time.

1000 Simoleons - rosebud
Add new family history stat to the current family - hist_add
Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt every time a route is found - write_destlist
Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed - auto_level
Automatically import and load indicated FAM file - import
Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked - house
Change lot positions in neighborhood screen; press [Esc] to save - move_lots
Check and fix required lot objects - prepare_lot
Completely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT - flush
Crash game - crash
Create moat or streams - water_tool
Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files - shrink_text
Create-a-character mode - edit_char
Display personality and interests - interests
Draw all animation frames disabled - draw_all_frames off
Draw all animation frames enabled - draw_all_frames on
Draw colored dots at each person's origin - draw_origins
Dump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt - core_dump
Dump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions to a file - dump_happy
Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a file - dump_mc
Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions - debug_social
End sim logging - sim_log end
Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheats - cht
Floorable grid disabled - draw_floorable off
Floorable grid enabled - draw_floorable on
Force an assert for testing - assert
Loch Ness monster - nessie
Always red potion - red_potion on
Log animations in the event log window - log_animations
Lot filters in neighborhood screen - show_filter <0-7>
Map editor disabled - map_edit off
Map editor enabled - map_edit on
Move any object - move_objects on
No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded - tutorial off
Prevent web browser crashes - browser_failsafe
Preview animations disabled - preview_anims off
Preview animations enabled - preview_anims on
Programmer stats - tile_info
Quit game - quit
Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt - #import
Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch - rebuild_cp
Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writable - refresh_faces
Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters - refresh_textures
Restore tutorial - restore_tut
Rotate camera - rotation <0-3>
Routing debug balloons disabled - route_balloons off
Routing debug balloons enabled - route_balloons on
Run series of random operations on unhoused families - fam_test
Save currently loaded house - save
Save family history file - history
Say "plugh" - plugh
Say "porntipsguzzardo" - porntipsguzzardo
Say "xyzzy" - xyzzy
Selected person's path displayed - draw_routes on
Selected person's path hidden - draw_routes off
Set event logging mask - log_mask
Set free thinking level - autonomy <1-100>
Set game speed - sim_speed <-1000-1000>
Set grass change value - edit_grass :
Set grass growth - grow_grass <0-150>
Set lot size - lot_size
Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator - sim_limit
Set time of day (unpatched game version) - set_hour <1-24>
Set z offset for thought bubbles - bubble_tweak
Sets the neighborhood directory to the path -
Sets up the borders of the lot with non-editable flag. Requires rotation - lot_border
Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects - allow_inuse
Show memory view window in debug builds of the game - memview
Start sim logging - sim_log begin
Swap the two house files and updates families - swap_houses
Ticks disabled - sweep off
Ticks enabled - sweep on
Tile information displayed - tile_info on
Tile information hidden - tile_info off
Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard - visitor_control
Toggle assets report - report_assets
Toggle automatic object reset feature - auto_reset
Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop - sim_peek
Toggle camera mode - cam_mode
Toggle display of unavailable interactions in person control menus - all_menus
Toggle music - music
Toggle object compression in save file - obj_comp
Toggle quaternion transformations - quats
Toggle sound log window - sound_log
Toggle sounds - sound
Toggle web page creation - html
Toggle zoning outlines around lots in neighborhood screen - show_zones
Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins - reload_people
Trigger sound event - soundevent
Write out an RTE file every time a route is found - write_routes
Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt - #export

Rating 1

Free pizza

Enable the move_objects on code, then pick up the phone and call the pizza man. Then when he arrives, do not answer the door. When he is leaving, enter buy mode and pick up the pizza out of his hands. You now have a free pizza.

Rating 1

Zombie Sim

Kill your Sim, but before the Grim Reaper takes him or her away, get your husband or wife to plead with him. He will say " I'm generous today, so I will spare your Sim", then bring him or her back to life. That Sim will now be green but will live a normal life. Note: If you do not want them to be a zombie, enable the move_objects on code and delete him or her. After that, click on their head and they will return without turning green.

Rating 1

Second story

Rather than placing a number of pillars to make a second story, just build a normal first floor with nothing in it, then build a second floor and delete the walls on the first floor.

Rating 1

Easy money

-Enable the move_objects on code and click on the crawling mice on the ground. Delete them. Most of the time, they can sell up to 460 Simoleons.

-Buy a Sky Scorcher Fireworks Kit and let a Sim launch a rocket. Click the "Buy mode" icon just before it hits the ground and sell it for 2,300 Simoleons. Launch it as many times as desired and repeat.

-If you leave food out and do not have a maid, you may see cockroaches wandering around your floor. Enable the move_objects on code and click on the roaches. Sometimes, the message "Sell SRR Virtual Reality Set for…" with a price of 100 to 1000 Simoleons will appear.

Rating 1

Zombie pet

Kill your pet dog or cat (starve it, burn it, etc.). When the Grim Reaper arrives, plea and hopefully lose. If you win and the pet lives, kill it again. After losing, the Grim Reaper will turn it into a zombie. Your undead pet will still want to be fed, rested, and cleaned but will not die if you do not do those things. Note: You can still train and interact with your pet.

Rating 0

Fast money hints

-Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud;: as a code. Then, hold ENTER so that "No such cheat" starts flashing. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians.

-Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code. After that, enter !;!;!;!; and so on. Every "!" results in another 1,000 simolians.

-Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code, then enter !;!;!;!;! and so on. After your final exclamation point, type a semi colon then a colon. The end of your entry should look like !;!;!;!;: Then, hold ENTER. The "No such cheat" message will flash. Hold ENTER to quickly get up to 9,999,999 simoleons.

Rating 0

Avoid missing work

-Enable the move_objects on code and put your garbage can in front of the vehicle.

-Enable the move_objects on code and move the car to a different location where an inanimate object is in its way.

Rating 0

Never clean messes

If you do not want your Sim to have to clean messes, enable the move_objects on code and go to buy mode. After that, pick up the trash and delete it.

Rating 0

Quick friends

First, build a hot tub and invite a friend to your house (must be another adult). Get your Sim and the person you want to be friends with in the hot tub, then build counters or shelves all the way around it. Set the timer to ultra speed and wait. Since they cannot get out, they will just talk away. Leave them there until they become friends.

Rating 0


Purchase the antique lamp in the miscellaneous section. Have your Sim clean it and a Genie will appear. You will get to choose different things. Chose correctly and you will get a gift.

Rating 0


In any lot, go to the very edge of the sidewalk on either side. Click on it and it will say "Portal-Pedestrian". Move them wherever you want and your guests will appear there. Note: Do not delete the portal or you will not be able to have guests.

Rating 0

Walk on water

Enable the move_objects on code, then create a pool and diving board. When the Sim steps on the diving board, pause game play, go to build mode, then move the Sim off the diving board onto the pool. Delete the diving board. Then, return to live mode and start game play. The Sim will be walking on water.

Rating 0

Stool labeled as Doll House glitch

With a child in your family, get them to use the sink and they will get on top of a stool. Pause game play and enable the move_objects on code. Pick up the stool, and it will read "Doll House".

Rating 0

Getting married

-When two Sims are completely in love, save the game before marrying. If the Sim says no and gives you a reason, go back to the neighborhood screen without saving. Go back to the house, and fulfill the need. If you ask the Sim to marry you many times over a period of a few days and then answer is always, "Can't you tell I'm in a terrible mood? Your timing stinks.", then give up. They are not meant for you.

-Invite the Sim over. Before she or he arrives, make dinner and get a radio. When the Sim gets there, greet them then start about three or four conversations. After that, the Sim should eat on their own. If necessary, move the food closer to the Sim. After they eat, start dancing with them one to three times. Afterwards, ask them to marry you and they should take the ring. If not, try again. If it still does not work, that Sim was not meant for you.

Rating 0

Prevent dog fight with raccoon

Enable the move_objects on code. When they start to go around in a circle, staring at each other, click on the dog. Move it into the house or click on raccoon and click again on bar below and delete the animal. You cannot always count on them to get in a fight, but there is about a 70% chance you or your dog or cat will.

Rating 0

Change name or gender of baby

Enable the move_objects on code and make your Sim hold the baby, then delete that Sim and your entire family. The baby screen will appear. It might not change the sex, but you can change the name.