SiN PC Cheats

Rating 4

Cheat Codes

Press ~ to display the console. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Health set to 999 - /health 999
All weapons - /wuss
God mode - /superfuzz
No clip mode - /nocollision
No target - /wallflower
Spawn indicated weapon or item - /spawn
Bonus weapon - /give thrallgun
Bonus weapon - /use thrallgun
Load indicated save game - /load
Save to indicated position - /save

Rating 1

FMV sequence commands

map csite_cinema
map subway_cinema
map biomech_cinema
map silo_cinema
map gorge_cinema
map intro_start
map ending

Rating 1

Spawned item values

Use the following entries with the /spawn code.

magnum - Gives the Magnum
shotgun - Gives the Shotgun
assaultrifle - Gives the Assault rifle
rocketlauncher - Gives the Rocket launcher
sniperrifle - Gives the Sniper rifle
heligun - Gives the big gun from the helicopter
pulsepart1 - First part of Pulse Cannon1 [NOTE 1]
pulsepart2 - Second part of Pulse Cannon1 [NOTE 1]
pulsepart3 - Third of Pulse Cannon1 [NOTE 1]
reactiveshields - Gives the Reactive Shield
rockets - Gives rockets
coin - Gives a coin
health - Gives a healthpack
cookies - Gives a pack of cookies
lensflare - Gives Create a light-effect
chaingun - Gives chaingun normally obtained with the 5-key
bluecard - Gives Blue Identcard
orangecard - Gives Orange Identcard
yellowcard - Gives Yellow Identcard
greencard - Gives Green Identcard
keyring - Gives small key
dollar - Gives coin
moneybag - Gives bag from bank robbery
evidence - Gives papers with evidence
chemsuit - Gives protection suit
blueprints - Gives blueprints from construction site
u4 sample - Gives sample from chem plant
envelope - Gives envelope
silencer - Gives silencer for standard gun
identcard - Unknown
code - Unknown
decoder - Unknown

NOTE 1: Pick up all three parts to create the weapon.

Rating 0

Map commands

Over Freeport City Bank - map intro
Freeport City Bank - map bank
Abandoned Freeport - map abandon
Construction Zone - map csite
Abandoned Subway - map subway
Sintek Chemical Labs - map chem1
Sintek Chemical Plant - map chem2
Sintek Warehouse - map whouse1
Sintek Warehouse Part 2 - map whouse2
Biomech Factory - map biomecha
Biomech Factory Part 2 - map biomechb
Missile Silo - map silo
Freeport Sewers - map sewera
Freeport Aqueduct - map aq1
Freeport Sewers Part 2 - map sewerb
Freeport City Dam - map dam
Freeport Water Works Part 1 - map wworks1
Freeport Water Works Part 2 - map wworks2
Sintek Oilrig - map oilrig
Geothermal Subtration - map geo2
Geothermal Plant - map geo1
Underwater Passage - map uwpass1
Underwater Passage - map uwpass2
Hidden Docks Part 1 - map docks1
Submarinal Cargo 5 - map docks2
Jungle Pass - map jungle
Jungle Pass Part 2 - map jungle2
Mountain Gorge - map gorge
Area 57 - map area57
Biomass Reclamation Center - map biomass
Xenomorphic Laboratory - map xeno1
Xenomorphic Laboratory Part 2 - map xeno2
Estate Sinclair - map mansion1
Estate Sinclaire Part 2 - map mansion2
Munt Phoenix - map phoenix
Thrall Master - map thrall
Training level - map training
Training level - map training1
Training level - map training2
Training level - map training3
Training level - map training4
Bonus level - map paradox

Rating 0

Weird voice

On the construction zone level, after seeing Mancini jump, make the jump yourself. When JC congratulates you, his voice will be very weird.