Slender: The Eight Pages PC Cheats

Rating 5

Page Locations

Find the following pages by searching the corresponding locations. In order to end the game you must collect all eight pages and be caught by the Slender Man:

First page Big bald tree on the left side from where you start.
Second page Back of a red truck or on the small house.
Third page Back of a blue tanker or in the building in the center.
Fourth page On a pile of tanks.
Fifth page Inside of a round bid cement.
Sixth page In a pile of red bricks.
Seventh page Corner of a big rock.
Eighth page On a red pillar (start from the left side of the pillar and begin to select repeatedly).

Rating 2


Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

20$ mode Complete Daytime mode. Note: This mode is only present in certain versions of the game.
Daytime mode Collect all eight pages in normal mode.
Marble Hornets mode Collect all eight pages in normal mode.