Soldier Of Fortune: Payback PC Cheats

Rating 1

Easy kills hint

In the level where you go into the caves, reach the base that is halfway in water. There will be a waterfall. Go through it. Have a sniper rifle or an assault rifle with a rifle scope equipped. Continue until you see a bar like a jail cell door. Go to your scope on your sniper or gun. You will see little people walking. You can snipe them all and they cannot damage you.

Rating 0

Sniper location

During the caves level of the third mission, there is a hidden pathway behind the waterfall that leads to a sniping position overlooking Al-din's camp.

Rating 0

AR-2 Sniper Rifle

At the main menu, select "Single Player" then "Start New Game". Then, press UP(2), DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT(2), DOWN at the difficulty selection menu.