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Soldier Of Fortune Cheats "Item names" (PC)


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Item names

Use the following steps to view all items names that can be used with gimme code. Enter "developer 1" at the console window, then enter "entlist" to display a list of items and objects that can be used with the "Spawn indicated object" code. Some names include the following:

Knife - item_ammo_knife
9mm Black Panther - item_weapon_pistol1
.44 Silver Talon - item_weapon_pistol2
Berzerker Shotgun - item_weapon_shotgun
Raptor Submachinegun - item_weapon_assault_rifle
EagleEye Sniper Rifle - item_weapon_sniper_rifle
Bulldog Suppressed machine gun - item_weapon_machinepistol
Slugthrower - item_weapon_autoshotgun
Heavy Machinegun - item_weapon_machinegun
Rocket Launcher - item_weapon_rocketlauncher
Flamegun - item_weapon_flamethrower
Microwave Pulse Gun - item_weapon_microwavepulse
Ballistic Armor - item_equip_armor
Flash Pak - item_equip_flashpack
Neural Pulse Emitter - item_equip_neural_grenade
C4/Plastique - item_equip_c4
Angel Light Goggles - item_equip_light_goggles
Medkit - item_equip_medkit
Frag Grenade - item_equip_grenade
Throwing Knives - item_ammo_knife
9mm Ammo - item_ammo_pistol
Shotgun Rounds - item_ammo_shotgun
.44 Pistol Ammo - item_ammo_pistol2
5.56 Ammo - item_ammo_auto
MPG Ammo - item_ammo_battery
Flamegun Ammo - item_ammo_gas
Rocket Launcher Rockets - item_ammo_rocket
Slugthrower Ammo - item_ammo_slug

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