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Soldier Of Fortune Cheats "Level Names" (PC)


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Level Names

Use the following level names with the map code:

New York - trs1
South Africa - trn1
Shop - arn1
Kosovo (Tunnel system) - kos1
Kosovo (Town) - kos2
Kosovo (Helipad) - kos3
Siberia (Snow) - sib1
Siberia (Fortress) - sib2
Siberia (Rocket launching site) - sib3
Baghdad (Town) - irq1a
Baghdad (Warehouse) - irq2a
Baghdad (Airport) - irq3a
Shop - arn2
New York (Warehouses) - nyc1
New York (Tunnel system) - nyc2
New York (Hotel) - nyc3
Sudan (Train station) - sud1
Sudan (Slaughter house) - sud2
Sudan (Underground) - sud3
Shop - trm3
Tokyo (Restaurant) - jpn1
Tokyo (Sumi) - jpn2
Tokyo (Penthouse) - jpn3
Baghdad (Town) - irq1b
Baghdad (Palace) - irq2b
Basra - irq3b
Hanover (Fortress) - ger1
Hanover (Secret doors) - ger2
Hanover (Rocket launching site) - ger3
End - ger4

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