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Space Rangers 2: Rise Of The Dominators PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Hold SHIFT + CTRL while typing one of the following codes at the specified screen to activate the corresponding cheat. Each cheat costs the specified amount of "days":

Fly into sun to repair items (Equipment Screen) [40] - repair
100,000 credits (Equipment Screen) [300] - hugemoney  
10,000 credits (Equipment Screen) [60] - bigmoney
Kill all enemies, unless Keller is there (Hyperspace) [30] - boom
Advance military rank (Military Rank) [90] - nextrank
1000 Ranger points (Ranger Station) [150] - rangerpoints
Reduces mass of equipped standard items by half (Space) [300] - packing
Random base forms in the current system, maximum of 3 (Planet) [30] - rndbase
Add one high level weapon in the equipment store (Planet) [100] - coolweapon
Produce one pirate in each controlled sectors. (Pirate Station) [100] - pirates
Peleng weapons have double range and every non-Peleng planet and civilian will hate you (Space) [100] - pelengsurprise
All non-ranger ships turn hostile (Space) [10] - haterangers
Get one piece of Klissan equipment (Space Station) [160] - klissanitem
Increase your and pirate damage by 10-20; you turn to a pirate with planets hating you (Pirate Base) [200] - weaponstrength
Call one fleet of Dominators to your location (Space) [20] - klissancall
Give the Dominators a fleet per planet they own (Space) [20] - klissanmax
Reveal unrevealed map sector (Pirate Station) [20] - openmapsector
Set one random weapon cost to 1 credit (Planet) [20] - lowcostweapon
Nearest ship will drop all items not related to space travel (Space) [60] - drop
2 Quark Bombs in your inventory (Space) [60] - bomb
Random artefact in inventory (Hyperspace) [Unknown] - artefact
Spawns Quark Bombs around you and explodes next day (Space) [Unknown] - 10bomb
Sick with all illnesses (Space) [Unknown] - illness

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