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Space Trader: Merchant Marine PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

A Good Start - Complete Chapter 1 of the campaign.
A Man Of Great Gravity - Help Dr. Bertram in the Deimos Gravity Research Station.
Approach Monster - Get rejected by each of the merchants on Earth.
Awful Odds - Defeat Pirate Captain Odd.
Beside Manner - Speak with each Merchant on the Luxury Ship.
Betrayed - Finish Chapter 2 of the campaign.
Birdie - Finish Free Trade with a net worth of $10,000,000 or more.
Bounty Hunter - Clear all bounties in Chapter 5.
Brutal - Eliminate Boel Krugger.
Burn Salve - Defeat the Burners on Io.
Dirty Cops - Pay off Auditor Horus to leave Ganymede.
Eagle - Finish Red Eye Trader with a net worth of $50,000,000 or more.
Escape Artist - Finish Chapter 3 of the campaign.
Fledgling Trader - Complete the tutorial.
Friend of the Robots - Help XK-CD and his companions escape the inner solar system.
Heroic - Finish Chapter 4 of the campaign.
Hired Gun - Clear all bounties in Chapter 2.
Lenient - Convince Boel Krugger to leave without resorting to violence.
Master Trader - Finish Chapter 5 of the campaign.
Mercenary - Clear all bounties in Chapter 3.
My Automated Buddy - Help XK-CD and the GREP with their problems.
Nuclear Wessel - Help out Jara Lenn and the hostages in Power Station 780.
Oiled Up! Ready To Go! - Help Peter Mikhail with his squeaky leg problem.
Open Revolt - Fight the Ministry of Accounts off of Europa.
Par - Finish Moon Madness with a net work of $5,000,000 or more.
Pete of Cake - Defeat Swashbuckler Pete.
Pleasing Taste, Some Monsterism - Help Robert Tritex with his water development project.
Record Breaker - Break into the Records Depot and get what ERic Dans instructs you to get.
Rescuer - Find and retrieve Lieutenant Dan.
Responsible Debtor - Pay the money you owe to Sally Barris.
Smooth Operator - Collect 8 Hydraulic Fluids on Earth.
Snitch - Betray Gordon and Terra Yex after they ask you for help.
Storage Fees Don't Apply - Max out your cargo slots in a challenge or in the campaign.
Ted! Back to Work! - Meet and speak with Ted the Irresponsible Guard.
The Magician - Rescue Reg Huxley aboard the salvaged ship.
Tollbooth - Pay to gain access to Europa.
Travel Agent - Help Charles Dekord find passengers for his convoy.
Triumvirate - Accept the starter missions from each of the three factions at the same time.
Wanted - Get a fugitive rating from the Ministry of Accounts in any chapter.
Waterworks - Help Terra and Gordon Yex with the plans to poison the water supply.

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