Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe PC Cheats

Rating 3

Character Codes

Unlock the following characters by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons while on the Helicarrier:

New Goblin - LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT(2), DOWN, LEFT.
Sandman - RIGHT(3), UP, DOWN, LEFT.
Venom - LEFT(2), RIGHT, UP, DOWN(2).

Rating 3

Green Goblin strategy

When fighting the Green Goblin, he will throw pumpkin grenades at you. Change characters while he is throwing to make the grenades explode in mid-air.

Rating 2

5,000 upgrade points

To receive 5,000 upgrade points, while you are standing on the Helicarrier press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT. Note: Enabling this code will disable the earning of achievements:

Rating 1

Black Suit Spider-Man

After you first meet Bubble-Man, you can activate the Black Suit Spider-Man at the Helicarrier.

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Black Cat - Beat Toyko level 1.
Blade - Beat Transylvania level 2.
Doc Ock - Defeat him in Tokyo level 2.
Green goblin - Defeat him in Tokyo level 4.
Iron Fist - Beat Tangaroa island Level 3.
Lizard - Beat Cairo level 2.
New Goblin - Beat the game.
Rhino - Defeat him in Tangaroa Island level 4.
Sandman - Defeat him in Cairo level 4.
Scorpion - Defeat him in Tangaroa island level 2.
Venom - Defeat him in Transylvania level 4.