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Spiderwick Chronicles, The Cheats "Mulgarath strategy" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Mulgarath strategy

When Mulgarath is chasing you, run toward the kitchen and use the dumbwaiter. Some chairs might block your way. You should hit them with your bat. Once you start going up, Mulgarath will turn into a snake and go after you; you must hurry. When you reach the study, three Goblins will try to attack you. Do not bother fighting them because they will just slow you down. The other side of the study will be blocked by furniture. Climb over the big bookcase and keep running. The snake will catch you, but Thimbletack attacks it so that you can get out the window. Jump to the other ledge and start climbing up the roof. When you reach the top, run to the ladder and start climbing. A clip from the movie will appear and Mulgarath ends up getting eaten by Hogsqueal.

2 years ago

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