Spiderwick Chronicles, The PC Cheats

Rating 6

Waffleflea strategy

After recording Waffleflea (Flower-Wing near the mansion), he will challenge you to a race. After releasing him, he will appear in front of the house. Talk to him and he will ask you to run through the waypoints (the glowing green spots around the house) until you reach the main gate. An easy way to defeat him is to catch him immediately after you have finished talking, or use a Dash ability then run through the waypoints.

Rating 2

Pond Skater Sprites

Once you enter the Forest Road from the mansion, keep running straight until you reach a pond that is blocked by a log. Wait there until the Pond Skater is close enough to catch. The other ones are at the ponds in the Deep Forest and the bottom of the Quarry.

Rating 0

The River Troll

On your way to the Quarry to rescue Simon, you will pass the river with two sprites flying around it. At this point it is important that you record the Will o' the Wisp. After crossing it, Jared will sense something but ignores it. Then you will see the River Troll wake up. After escaping with Simon and return to the River, the River Troll will block your way. The only way to cross is to make it sleep by feeding it ten Goblins. Keep using the Will o' Wisp you caught earlier to lure the Goblins to the River Troll. You must do this every time you cross the river unless you turn it into stone. To do this, you have to use Simon's Splattergun to push it towards the sunlight. When it is out of the shade, an intermission sequence will start, and it turns to stone.

Rating 0

Unlocking the Antique Saber

Once you have the Thimbletack's Jack, go to the bars with alternating electric currents. Go to the third bar and quickly run to its left. Look behind and you will see another platform. Continue following it until you find a hook where you can aim your jack. Swing to the other side and an intermission sequence will show that the Antique Saber has been unscrewed. You will also find the last two cockroaches here.

Rating 0

Mulgarath strategy

When Mulgarath is chasing you, run toward the kitchen and use the dumbwaiter. Some chairs might block your way. You should hit them with your bat. Once you start going up, Mulgarath will turn into a snake and go after you; you must hurry. When you reach the study, three Goblins will try to attack you. Do not bother fighting them because they will just slow you down. The other side of the study will be blocked by furniture. Climb over the big bookcase and keep running. The snake will catch you, but Thimbletack attacks it so that you can get out the window. Jump to the other ledge and start climbing up the roof. When you reach the top, run to the ladder and start climbing. A clip from the movie will appear and Mulgarath ends up getting eaten by Hogsqueal.

Rating 0


After catching a particular faerie for the first time, you must paint it in order to record it in the Field Guide. There is a time limit; do not spend too much time painting small details because the paint will slowly spread over it. A glowing sphere will appear on a faerie if it has not been recorded yet. Once a faerie is recorded, you do not have to paint it again the next time you catch it.

Rating 0

Tree Folk

The Cypress Tree folk are located in the center of the pond in the Deep Woods. It will teleport you to the Griffin's perch. The Oak Tree Folk are also in the Deep Woods but are blocked by brown bushes, each guarded by a Stray Sod. This one will lead you to the end of the Cellar Tunnels.

Rating 0

Cave Knockers

Only Simon can find Knockers. The first one is in a cave at the Quarry. Once you extinguish the lava with your Splattergun the Knocker will come out to give two Boomstones. The other Knocker is in the end of the Cellar Tunnels. You will find a note that says that the Knocker will only come out if you "ring" the crystal with a stone. Look behind you to see the crystal. Throw a Boomstone at it and the Knocker will come out.

Rating 0

Redcap's Hat

After defeating Mulgarath, switch to Jared and talk to Hogsqueal on the tree in front of the house. He will ask you to bring him Redcap's Hat. You can find it in the kitchen.

Rating 0

Stray Sods

Three Sods are located in the grassy open field in the Forest Road and five are in the Deep Woods. Sods always guard a brown bush that conceals a hidden area. Before catching a Sod, you must run around it to make it dizzy. You will know it is working if a spiraling mist appears above it and the bush opens. Then, capture it.