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"A Key Moment" achievement hint

Go to the locked door in the first outpost, on the right from the repairman's house (that has two money packs inside). The key is on the table, but you have to wait until the man is outside to pick it up. Go out and wait until the man enters the house, then go to the locked door. Note: If you speak to him after obtaining the key, he will take it.

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Steam Achievements

A Key moment The key to everything, and then some.
A shimmer in the darkness Find all parts of the golden gun.
A surge of deepest satisfaction Defeat the cellar inhabitant.
Can't touch this Kill 50 enemies without getting hurt.
Can't trust anyone Prevent the looter from obtaining a weapon.
Club of 100,000 Score 100k in survival mode.
Collateral Damage Destroy 2,000 environment objects.
First Steps into the Rain Reach the end of the first level.
Flow with the current Survive the electric chase.
Guns without Brains Obtain automatic guards for the village.
Industry-scale harvesting Shred 100 monsters with the harvester.
It must be Art erm.. what?
Just like when I was young Survive the ambush at the schoolyard.
Less human than expected Eliminate the threat in the laboratory.
Light up the dark Bring the lighthouse back to life.
Lord of War Upgrade all weapons to Max level.
MO-MO-MONSTERKILL! Achieve a x20 multiplier.
Not known for their wits Dissolve 5 zombies in acid.
Nothing in common but the enemy Allow the looter to live.
One more layer between them and me Finde all pieces of the flak jacket.
Public transport madness Survive the subway journey.
Put an end to this Finish the story.
Reasonably well armed Acquire all weapons in story mode.
SKiller Defeat a boss with just the pistol.
Salvage what's left Help the refugees at the factory.
Secret Cave Find the secret cave behind the bushes.
Seven at one stroke Blow up 7 enemies with a single explosion.
Spare a dollar? Find $5,000.
Survival of the Unfit Help all 6 park defenders to survive.
Survivor Score 50k in survival mode.
The crawling disease Survive the worm invasion.
This is Madness! Score 250k in survival mode.
This madness had to stop Finish the story on "maniac" difficulty.
Ultrakill! Achieve a x10 multiplier.
Where even light failed Solve the village's insect problem.
Wrecking ball Defeat a boss without getting hurt.  

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