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SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Cheats "Neptune strategies" (PC)


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Neptune strategies

-You will play as Sponge Bob. Neptune will start by shooting streams of goo at you. Jump over them as fast as you can while turning the tables in the spotlight by hitting them. Once in awhile, Neptune will get angry and you will go into his point of view while he is using his trident as a sniper. Turn any tables that are unturned and hide behind the frozen Mr. Krabs. The beam will reflect on the tables and daze Neptune. After that, hit him with a Sonic Wave Guitar and he will wake up. The battle remains the same until you get into the yellow part of his health, where he uses a merry-go-round like laser beam. In the red part, he will smash the floor and send out shock pulses while enemies attack you.

-OnceNeptune has lost one third of his health, he will attack with his electric energy field. To hide from this attack, make sure when he goes to shoot that you are about as close as you can get to him (but not too close, because he will swat you away or you will lose life from being hit by his trident). If done correctly, he shoots the energy field closest to the center. Then, after he shoots the energy field, escape out of it quickly. You will be able to get out of the whole attack and get the time to turn about two tables.

-To defeat King Neptune in World 6, jump out of the way when he shoots his trident and jump on his head while he is flying close to the ground.

-To defeat King Neptune, evade his attacks while attacking the tables with light shining on them. Neptune will get mad, and you should hide behind Mr. Krabs, who will have light shining on him. Neptune will get stunned. Use Sonic Wave Guitar. Do this five more times to defeat him.

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