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Spore Cheats "Space stage" (PC)


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Space stage

Note: This trick will start a war. Enable the setConsequenceTrait space_zealot code. A new tool called "Fanatical Frenzy" will appear in your "Socialization" tools. If you already had it, it will be instantly recharged. Use it on a planet and it will automatically become yours. This also works on home worlds. However, unless you have over 35 points in your relationship with another empire or are far away from the other empire, they will probably go to war with you. To determine your relationship (and the positive and negative factors affecting it), move the pointer over the image of the planet owner when over or on a plane. Continually use this trick against enemy home worlds while using your normal weapons on the rest of their planets until there are no other empires that are at war against you. You should now be in control over a large portion of the galaxy under your control.

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