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Spore Cheats "Tribal stage" (PC)


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Tribal stage

Make sure to befriend and recruit as many rouges as possible in the Creature stage. They not only help you in Creature stage, but if they are still alive when you enter Tribal stage, you will see them in a pen behind the main hut. If you hover the pointer over them, notice they kept their "Rouge" stats, with over 200 HP and high powered attacks. They will defend any villagers being attacked by wild animals, and will fight off enemy attacks on your village. Most rouges have as much attack power as your chieftain, but twice as much HP. They can really tip the scales in your favor in a big battle. They also regenerate on their own between battles, which when combined with their high HP makes them nearly immortal. They will keep laying eggs in the box next to their pen, which you can harvest. The more and the bigger the animals in your pen, the more eggs they produce. Three rouges can keep a single villager harvesting indefinitely, giving you both an animal deterrent while your other villagers are away and a continuous source of food, giving you a decisive edge in the Tribal stage.

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