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Cheat Codes

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Select a planet or ship, then activate the following cheat functions by entering the corresponding codes:

1 million metals - add_resource Metals 1000000.
1 million ore - add_resource Ore 1000000.
1 million electronics - add_resource Electronics 1000000.
1 million advanced parts - add_resource AdvParts 1000000.
1 million food - add_resource Food 1000000.
Spawn capital ship - create_ship "Capital Ship".
Spawn colony ship - create_ship "Colony Ship".
Unknown effect - emp_see_all.
Unknown effect - create_ship.
Unknown effect - add_resource.
Unknown effect - add_emp_stat.
Unknown effect - destroy.
Unknown effect - set_owner.
Unknown effect - set_emp_col.
Unknown effect - list_stats.
Unknown effect - zoom_to.

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