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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Cheats "Easy space battle kills" (PC)


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Easy space battle kills

-First, make sure the enemies' shields are down, then select a soldier with a blaster rifle. Take a fast ship and fly directly into the docks (it has a blue film over it), land, and get out. All of the enemies will be lightly armed because they are pilots. Open fire. Most will not return fire. Also, most enemy ship have an objective to destroy inside them. Additionally, lock on to a structure such as the life support system or bridge. Make a preliminary strafing run straight along the ship. After passing the target, pull up with full thrusters. When the targeting arrow goes from the front of the screen to the back of the screen, decrease all engine power. Continue pulling back until you see the target. Line up with the target and do a half roll. This maneuver will allow you to make several runs, unloading on the target and avoiding as much enemy fighters as possible.

-Instead of holding back on the Analog-stick to flip your ship around after strafing a structure, press Circle(2) then press the Analog-stick to either side. This is the secondary evasive maneuver, which will flip your ship around automatically. This method is much faster. Also, do not use your missile until you are close to the structures. The missiles on the Y-Wings and Tie Bombers do not have the range to get to your target and they drop off before they get there. If they are fired too early, you will not do any damage to your target.

-During Galactic Conquest, buy the bonus Sabotage. When you have a space battle, the enemies ships will be easy to destroy.

-Get a troop transport and land it in the enemy hanger. It will then act as a command post so you can start in the enemy ship. Note - Sometimes you may have to use two ships. If you go into their rooms (for example, the engine rooms) and set your bomb there, it will explode the same with the shield generator and in the other rooms (even the tube that in the center of all the turret command places). After that is done, get a bomber and take out the remaining places on the outside.

-While in a space battle, take a transport to the enemy's space cruiser for sabotage. Land and make sure no one is in it or they will destroy it. When no one is in it, it will stay there for the rest of the battle. When you die, the transport acts as a command post for your team so you can go into the enemy ship much faster than taking another fighter from your hanger.

-Use the following trick to destroy turrets easily. When you start a space battle, go to the turret stations and get in one. Switch to a turret where you can get a good view of an enemy turret. Once you have an enemy turret in your sight, shoot as much of it as you can before it starts shooting at you (if someone is in it). Once their turret starts shooting at you, immediately get out of your turret (Triangle) and wait about five seconds. Get back in. By this time the turret may have turned back around. Repeat this process as many times as desired, or until all other turrets are out of your view.

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