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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Cheats "Hints and strategies" (PC)


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Hints and strategies

1. The center command post is always a good offensive position.
2. Use your units' advantages. If you are facing a lot of enemies, use the trooper unit. If you are up against vehicles, use heavy weapons.
3. Use the right unit for the right level. For example, use an engineer for lots of turrets/vehicles. Use snipes for high places with little cover below.
4. Always keep moving, because if you stop, you are a prime target for snipers.
5. Use vehicles a lot, as they keep you safe, you get lots of points with them, and some are much faster than walking.
6. When in vehicles, fill them up. The more weapons you can have going at once, the better.
7. Kill the most threatening units first. For example, if in a vehicle, take out the heavy weapons units.
8. Check out an area before you go into battle, so you see the turrets and other dangerous areas.
9. Use tactics, as charging into battle usually does not work.
10. Use cover a lot, such as rocks, logs, walls, water, and even grass.
11. If you are taking a CP, try to stand next to a health droid.
12. If you are having trouble defeating enemies, try to take out the enemy in ones and twos. This will get you a lot further, and you will come out with a lot more health.
13. If you are finding something difficult, play on the Hard difficulty setting for a few battles. When change back the difficulty setting, things should seem a bit easier.
14. Take allies with you wherever you go. Allies = firepower = enemies die = easy CP's = you win.

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