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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords Cheats "Unlimited Dark points" (PC)


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Unlimited Dark points

If you go to the Dark side, eventually you will get a Wookie in your party named Hanhar. After you have answered all the "Influence" needed questions and learned that he killed his people and everything else, ask him why he follows you. He will reply that it is the way of a predator and prey and the strong and the weak. Either ask if that means he serves you or that one day he will kill you like he did Mira. He will say something about the life debts. Ask him about them, then say something along the lines of that it is foolish to hold on to them or ask why he still cares about them. He will say he cannot abandon all the ways of his people, but do not stop pressuring him. Eventually you will say that he is weak or that he will always be his own prey. You will get a success in influence success and grant him a +2 Strength -2 Intelligence bonus. If you do this enough times, it will subtract too much and boost his intelligence over 100 to 200 points. This lets you max out his skills. When you do this, you will get Dark points along with 1000 experience and +2 Strength.

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