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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords Cheats "Unlmited experience on Nar Shaddaa" (PC)


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Unlmited experience on Nar Shaddaa

Upon entering the refugee camp, speak with Odis. He claims to be sick but cannot do anything about it. He says that the caretaker might help. You must then eliminate all the Sirocco gang members to the east. This can be done by starting a fight with their leader. After they have been eliminated, make your way to the "squid"-looking Exchange leader to the west. You will be given a choice to tell him about Odis being sick. Persuade the "squid" to make more for the refugees. If you succeed, he will ask you to eliminate him. Respond that you will think about it and the conversation will end. You will receive 1,000 experience points every time you persuade him to make more room. This works because the choice to persuade him always occurs when you speak with the Exchange leader.

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