Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D PC Cheats

Rating 3

V-Wing boost

The engine boosters of the V-Wing can be used to your advantage. Note the speed and distance that one boost gives. When traveling far, use them when close to the destination.

Rating 1

TIE Interceptor

Enable the GOODGUYTIE code to unlock the Tie Intercepter, then enable the WOOKIEPELT code to unlock the Millennium Falcon. Select any level. Highlight the Millennium Falcon at the ship selection screen. When the camera stops moving and it is on the Millennium Falcon, quickly press CURSOR LEFT followed by CURSOR UP. The camera should stall, then go behind the Millennium Falcon. You will now be able to select the TIE Interceptor.

Rating 1

Gold medal on Beggars Canyon

Fly through the hard course to get the gold, but be sure to stay low.

Rating 0

Speeder tow cable

When wrapping the tow cable around an AT-AT's legs with the speeder, press A for left brake and D for right brake to perform tighter turns.

Rating 0

Death Star Canyon

Use your stabilizers (F) for superior control.

Rating 0


Press A and D to perform tighter turns.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Go to "Settings" > "Passcodes", then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

View credits - CREDITS
All bonus levels - WIMPAMI
Activate joystick force feedback feature - LEIAWRKOUT
Changes force feedback control for joystick - GUNDARK
View FMV sequences [NOTE 1] - DIRECTOR
Use any ship available in current level - USEDAFORCE
Millennium Falcon - WOOKIEPELT
Imperial Shuttle - RECUER
Tie Fighter [NOTE 2] - GOODGUYTIE
Play all game music [NOTE 3] - MAESTRO
Unlimited lives - IAMDOLLY
Level select - OOMPAWAMPA
New radar graphics - RADAR
Expert mode - ACE
All power-ups - TOUGHGUY
Lukes face replaced with developer's face - BERGLOWE
Lukes face replaced with developer's face - WUTZI

NOTE 1: Select the "At The Movies" option at the high score screen.
NOTE 2: The Millennium Falcon must first be unlocked.
NOTE 3: Select the "Concert Hall" option at the high score screen.