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Star Wars: Starfighter Cheats "Harro Ruuk strategy on The Final Assault" (PC)


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Harro Ruuk strategy on The Final Assault

-When confronting Harro Ruuk after you destroy the sensor station, fly up in the air. On your way down, hold the brakes and wait for him to surface. When he does, drop your energy bombs.

-At the start, after the Mercenary Ship appears and blows apart an ally, do not fire any of your special weapons. Weaken his shields with your blasters, then follow him into the control ship. The shield will close behind you, leaving you trapped. After that, concentrate your fire on the ceiling turrets and Trade Federation droids/tanks. Then, shoot one or two of your Cluster Missiles at him and keep firing your primary weapons until his shields are down. He will run away. Follow him at low speeds and try to keep yourself from crashing in that small vent. At the end of the vent, there will be a power grid. Go straight and take a left to find the leader. There will be more droids, as well as the leader. Take out the droids, theh attack the leader. Once you attack him, fire only your primary weapon. He will go through another vent. Again, follow him slowly. When you take a turn or two, you will come across platforms that block your lower path. Shoot them with your primary weapons, then continue following him. After you come out of the vent, allow your Cluster Torpedoes to lock on, then fire while simultaneously firing your primary weapons. Remember to dodge his missiles while shooting him. After killing him, the control ship will begin to explode (courtesy of Annikan Skywalker) all around you. Wait for a minute, then your computer will lock onto the shield generator that is keeping you trapped. Fly slowly back from where you came and blow up the generator. Then, work your way through the ship. After you get out, the mission will end. Note: Do not save your ammo if you are using Darth Maul's Infiltrator, as it has unlimited ammo.

-Use the following strategy under the hard difficulty setting. The Mercenary Ship is invincible until he goes back to the second hangar. His shield will not drop below 25%. Attack him to get him to the final stage, but do not expect to defeat him before then. Also, the mercenary's missals are harmless if they crash into the control ship's walls. To take advantage of this, fly with him somewhere above or below you (inside the ship). If done correctly, the missile will hit the wall and the explosion will not harm your ship. His missals are also harmless if your ship is moving too slowly to crash into the mid-space explosion. One way to take care of the first two interior ceiling turrets is to fly slowly towards the hangar, then fire Proton Torpedoes or missiles (Infiltrator) at them prior to entering the hangar. Note: You will need to enter the hangar and activate the turrets before the missiles hit their target. Meanwhile, time it to avoid the mercenary's attack.

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