Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition PC Cheats

Rating 4

More Easy force points

Another easy way to earn Force points is to walk backwards through a level until you pass a checkpoint. Everything forward of the checkpoint will respawn. This works great on easier levels such as the first. Re-kill the enemies to gain more Force points.

Rating 2

Sith robe

In Raxus Prime after defeating the first junk Titan cross the bridge to fight more of the Force-controlled robots. Leap across a large area and force push the steel beams down. Collect the Holocron to unlock the Sith robe.

Rating 2

Lightsaber crystal locations

Find the following Lightsaber crystals in the corresponding levels:

Empirical Lab
Blue, Lorrdian.

Cloud City
Unstable Orange, Unstable Yellow, Ruusan Power.

Compressed Blue, Purple, Imperial Felucia.

Raxus Prime
Compressed Red, Gold, Compressed Yellow, Firkrann Power

Green Crystal
Compressed Purple, Vexxtal, Unstable Blue

TIE Construction Yard
Yellow, Damage.

Imperial Raxus Prime
Sigil Power, Compressed Green, Unstable Purple.

Unstable Red, Compressed Gold.

Death Star
Unstable Green, Katak Power, Black.

Rating 1

Kento's robe

In Imperial Kashyyyk after the intermission sequence where Starkiller has a vision in the hut, turn around. There is a Holocron behind a wooden object. Collect the Holocron to unlock Kento's robe.

Rating 1

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic easter egg

The apprentice's code name is "Starkiller", a reference to Bendak Starkiller in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Bendak was the Mandalorian fought in the Taris arena near the start of the game.

Rating 1

Mission bonuses

Raxus Prime: Act 1
Bonus objective: Destroy 10 Scavenger Skiffs.
Force Points: Get 250,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Felucia - Act 1
Bonus objective: Kill 4 Rancors.
Force Points: Get 375,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Empirical - Act 2
Bonus objective: Destroy remaining escape pods.
Force Points: Get 150,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 5 Holocrons.

TIE Factory
Bonus objective: Destroy 5 TIE fighters.
Force Points: Get 200,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Cloud City
Bonus objective: Freeze 10 Imperials with Carbonite.
Force Points: Get 200,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 5 Holocrons.

Kashyyyk - Act 2
Bonus objective: Destroy the Imperial Comm Tower.
Force Points: Get 360,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Felucia - Act 2
Bonus objective: Release the Sarlacc.
Force Points: Get 425,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Raxus Prime - Act 2
Bonus objective: Destroy the orbital ship yard.
Force Points: Get 500,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Death Star
Bonus objective: None
Force Points: Get 500,000 FP.
Holocrons: Get 15 Holocrons.

Rating 1

Jedi robe

To unlock the Jedi robe, complete the game with the Jedi ending.

Rating 1

Saving cheat codes

Saving the game becomes disabled after you enter a cheat code. To get around this, go to a checkpoint after entering a cheat code. Exit the game and at the main menu select "Continue". Then, press pause and select "Save".

Rating 1

Sith Lord difficulty

To unlock Sith Lord difficulty, complete the game.

Rating 0

Heath Drain Aura in TIE Fighter Hanger

There is a catwalk above the main floor with a Health Drain power-up that will drain the health of everyone around you. Get up on the crashed Rebel ship's upper fin and jump up to the catwalk to get the Health Drain.

Rating 0

Hidden X-Wing in Raxis-Prime

After electric bombing the entrance to the Hyperdrive Core, stand facing opposite the entrance and walk a little to the right. Look into the toxic waster sludge to automatically target the hidden X-Wing. Raise it up using Force Grip.

Rating 0

Sith Stalker armor

To unlock the Sith Stalker armor, complete the game with the Sith ending.

Rating 0

Easy Force points

An easy way to earn Force points is to reach a checkpoint located before a large group of enemies. Defeat most of the enemies, and intentionally die. When you respawn at the checkpoint your force point total will remain intact. Repeat as desired.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

After completing the first mission, pause the game and select "Input Code". Alternatively, complete the first mission and while on board your ship in between missions select "Extras" > "Enter Code". Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All Combos - MOLDYCROW
All Costumes - SOHNDANN
All Databank Entries - OSSUS
All Force Powers at Maximum - KATARN
All Lightsaber Crystals [NOTE 1] - HURRIKANE
All Talents - JOCASTA
Amplified Lightsaber Damage - LIGHTSABER
Apprentice's Father's Costume - WOOKIEE
Apprentice's Hooded Costume - HOLOCRON
Bail Organa - VICEROY
Ceremonial Jedi Robes - DANTOOINE
Emperor Palpatine - MASTERMIND
Fight as the Kota - MANDALOR
General Rahm Kota - HARDBOILED
Incinerator Trooper - PHOENIX
Kashyyk Trooper - TK421GREEN
Maximum combos Level - COUNTDOOKU
Maximum Force Push Ranks - EXARKUN
Maximum Force Repulse Ranks - DATHOMIR
Maximum Lightsaber Throw Ranks - ADEGAN
Maxium Force Powers Level - KATARN
Mirrored Levels - MINDTRICK
New combo - MARAJADE
New combo - FREEDON
New combo: Aerial Ambush - VENTRESS
New combo: Aerial Assault - EETHKOTH
New combo: Aerial Blast - YADDLE
New combo: Lightning Bomb - MASSASSI
New combo: Lightning Grenade - RAGNOS
New combo: Lightsaber Impale - BRUTALSTAB
New combo: Saber Slam - PLOKOON
New combo: Saber Sling - KITFISTO
New combo: Sith Saber Flurry - LUMIYA
New combo: Sith Saber Slash - DARAGON
New combo: Sith Saber Throw - SAZEN
Scout Trooper - FERRAL
Shadowtrooper - BLACKHOLE
Sith Master Difficulty - SITHSPAWN
Sith Stalker Armor - KORRIBAN
Snowtrooper - SNOWMAN
Stormtrooper - TK421WHITE
Stormtrooper Commander - TK421BLUE
Instant death on lightsaber hit - SHADOWSABER
Main player immune to all damage - STARKILLER

Note 1: Enabling this code will remove all of the lightsaber related Holocrons on the current saved game file.