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Starsiege Tribes Cheats "Equipment tips" (PC)


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Equipment tips

-The plasma gun is a must; its high power and rapid fire make for an incredible weapon once you penetrate the enemy base. The grenade launcher is also very powerful and versatile. The blaster is weak for most combat and you will often find yourself blown apart by the enemy's plasma gun or disc launcher.

-The repair pack should be distant third choice for most gamers. The energy pack offers more range of flight and can keep you alive as most opponents cannot hit you in air. The second choice should be the shield pack, especially for players that have use the "action hero" approach and go off on their own. Properly used, its effects are devastating.

-Grenades and beacons are definitely valuable to any player class. Dropping a couple grenades while hovering over an opponent is a great way to walk away from the fight. Beacons are great for marking a target for a heavy teammate to blast with the mortar.

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