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Starsiege Tribes Cheats "Map editing" (PC)


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Map editing

To create or edit maps, do the following. You will first have to host a game. Select the map that you want to change. Go you the folder where they are located and copy the .MIS and .DSC file of the desired map. Paste it in that folder and rename it to any desired name, but both have to be the same. If you are online, it is a good idea to set a password. Once in a game, press ~ mark to bring up the game prompt. Then type in exec(editor); then press ENTER. You should see nothing. Press ~ again to get rid of the game prompt. Press 6 and then hold E until you get above the map. The following is a list of the commands that should get you started:

Hold and move to rotate view - RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
Select object - LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Move forward - W
Move back - S
Move left - A
Move right - D
Move up - E
Move down - C
Options - O
Move speed - <0-9>
Hide windows - F1
Inspector mode - F2
Creator mode - F3
Terrain editor mode - F4
Walk through mode - F5
Help - F9
Set bookmark - CTRL + <0-9>
Go to bookmark - ALT + <0-9>
Cut - CTRL + X
Copy - CTRL + C
Paste - CTRL + V
Duplicate - CTRL + D
Save - CTRL + S
Undo move - CTRL + Z
Delete object - CTRL + Delete
New Sim group - CTRL + N
Move object vertically - CTRL + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Rotate object sideways - SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Rotate object up and down - ALT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

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