Starsiege Tribes PC Cheats

Rating 4

Unlimited parts

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "campaign.cs" file in the desired campaign folder. Change the "usePlanetInv = true;" entry to "usePlanetInv = bool;". Start a new game in the edited campaign for unlimited parts.

Rating 4

Easy destruction

Run into objects (such as shielded turrets) with a scout to destroy them.

Rating 3

Avoid moving too slow

When you have a player using "heavy armor" you will need an energy pack just to get out of your base. Using medium armor with a shield pack is recommended so you can take just as many hits without being very slow.

Rating 2

Map editing

To create or edit maps, do the following. You will first have to host a game. Select the map that you want to change. Go you the folder where they are located and copy the .MIS and .DSC file of the desired map. Paste it in that folder and rename it to any desired name, but both have to be the same. If you are online, it is a good idea to set a password. Once in a game, press ~ mark to bring up the game prompt. Then type in exec(editor); then press ENTER. You should see nothing. Press ~ again to get rid of the game prompt. Press 6 and then hold E until you get above the map. The following is a list of the commands that should get you started:

Hold and move to rotate view - RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
Select object - LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Move forward - W
Move back - S
Move left - A
Move right - D
Move up - E
Move down - C
Options - O
Move speed - <0-9>
Hide windows - F1
Inspector mode - F2
Creator mode - F3
Terrain editor mode - F4
Walk through mode - F5
Help - F9
Set bookmark - CTRL + <0-9>
Go to bookmark - ALT + <0-9>
Cut - CTRL + X
Copy - CTRL + C
Paste - CTRL + V
Duplicate - CTRL + D
Save - CTRL + S
Undo move - CTRL + Z
Delete object - CTRL + Delete
New Sim group - CTRL + N
Move object vertically - CTRL + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Rotate object sideways - SHIFT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
Rotate object up and down - ALT + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

Rating 2

Equipment tips

-The plasma gun is a must; its high power and rapid fire make for an incredible weapon once you penetrate the enemy base. The grenade launcher is also very powerful and versatile. The blaster is weak for most combat and you will often find yourself blown apart by the enemy's plasma gun or disc launcher.

-The repair pack should be distant third choice for most gamers. The energy pack offers more range of flight and can keep you alive as most opponents cannot hit you in air. The second choice should be the shield pack, especially for players that have use the "action hero" approach and go off on their own. Properly used, its effects are devastating.

-Grenades and beacons are definitely valuable to any player class. Dropping a couple grenades while hovering over an opponent is a great way to walk away from the fight. Beacons are great for marking a target for a heavy teammate to blast with the mortar.

Rating 2

Sniper technique

When playing as a sniper, no matter how hidden you think you are, change positions at least once every ten seconds.

Rating 1

Talk as another player

If you type something such as messageall(5, "CapinCrackHead: i am stupid"); into ~ , the game will broadcast "CapinCrachHead: i am stupid" to the players.

Rating 1

Rapid fire and flight

Type setarmor(); into ~ and press UP, then repeatedly press ENTER to fly until you release the jet pack button.

Rating 1

All technology

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. Use a text editor to edit the "campaign.cs" file in the desired campaign folder. Change the "techLevel = 3;" entry to "techLevel = 10;". Start a new game in the edited campaign for all technology.

Rating 1

Avoid sniper damage

If you are on a server with several snipers, use heavy armor. It will take at least three or four shots to get killed, rather than the one or two shots with light or medium armor. However, if you are wearing light or medium armor, use your jetpack. Its very hard for most snipers to hit people that are in the air.

Rating 1

One-man turret destruction

To destroy a turret in light armor, drop a mine in front of it and drain its shields with an ELF gun. When you think the shields are low enough, toss a grenade on the mine to create a double explosion which will most likely destroy it. It helps if you use deploy a sensor jammer first and an energy pack to have unlimited firing time for the ELF.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

To enable cheat mode when you are on another server, type ~giveall();. If you are on your own server, type $testcheats=1; then giveall(); on the next line. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All weapons and 200 of all ammo - giveall();
Light armor - setarmor(larmor);
Medium armor - setarmor(marmor);
Heavy armor - setarmor(harmor);
Energy pack - buy("energy pack");
Turret - buy("turret");
Motion sensor - buy("motion sensor");
Inv station - buy("inventory station");
Ammo station - buy("ammo station");
Warp to Blood Eagle base - gamebase::setposition (2049, "-250 0 20"); into ~
Warp to Diamond Sword base - gamebase::setposition (2049, "-350 632 20"); into ~
Press [Up] + [Enter] + [Fire] for rapid fire. - setarmor(larmor);giveall();

Rating 0

Special voices

Type one of the following entries at the chat feature.

~wcolor6 (Damn it)
~wdsgst4 (Argh)
~wdsgst5 (Sigh)
~wcheer2 (Woo Hoo)
~wcheer1 (All right)
~wcheer3 (Yea)
~wyes (Yes)
~wwatchsh (Hey)
~wbelay (Belay order)
~wdoh (Ah crap - female only)
~wdoh (Doh - male only)

The following a list of things to type and get a voice in a game and your own personal touch without the need of a voice pack. For example, type ~wattack to say "Attack!" without words. However, type Get Them! ~wattack into the chat window, your message will say "Get Them!" and you will hear "Attack!".

~wattack (Attack!)
~wwaitsig (Wait for my signal to attack!)
~wcease (Cease Fire!)
~wmoveout (Move out!)
~wretreat (Retreat!)
~whitdeck (Hit the deck!)
~wregroup (Regroup!)
~wcoverme (Cover Me!)
~wono (Going Offence!)
~wwaitpas (APC redy to go... waiting for passengers)
~wtgtacq (Target aquired!)
~wfiretgt (Fire on my target!)
~wneedtgt (I need a target!)
~wtgtout (Target out of range.)
~wdesgen (Destroy the enemy Generators )
~wgendes (Enemy generator destroyed!)
~wdestur (Destroy enemy turrets!)
~wturdes (Enemy turret destroyed!)
~wincom2 (Incoming Enemies!)
~wbasatt (We are being attacked!)
~wbasundr (The enemy is attacking our base!)
~wneeddef (We need more defense!)
~wdefbase (Defend our base!)
~wdefend (Defending our base!)
~wbasetkn (Our base has been taken!)
~wbsclr2 (Our base is secure!)
~wisbsclr (Is our base clear?)
~wflgtkn1 (Our flag is not in the base!)
~wflgtkm2 (The enemy has our flag!)
~whaveflg (I have the enemy flag!)
~wflaghm (Our flag is secure!)
~wretflag (Return our flag to our base!)
~wgeteflg (Get the enemy falg!)
~wflgmine (Our flag is mined!)
~wclrflg (Clear the mines from our flag!)
~wmineclr (Mines have been cleared!)
~wneedrep (Need repairs!)
~wneedpku (I need an APC pickup!)
~wneedesc (I need an escort back to base!)
~wneedamo (Can anyone bring me some ammo?!?!)
~wwshoot3 (Watch were you're shooting!)
~wdontkno (I don't know!)
~wno (No)
~wyes (Yes)
~wthanks (Thanks)
~wnoprob (No Problem)
~wsorry (Sorry)
~whurystn (Hurry up with that station!)
~woops1 (Doh!)
~woops2 (Oops!)
~wcolor2 (Shazbot!)
~wcolor6 (Damnit!)
~wcolor7 (Ah Crap!)
~wdsgst1 (Duh!)
~wdsgst2 (You idiot!)
~wovrhere (Over here!)
~woutway (Move outta the way!)
~wretreat (Retreat!)
~wdsgst4 (Stop)
~wcheer1 (All right!)
~wcheer2 (Woo Hoo!)
~wcheer3 (Yeah!)
~wtaunt10 (How'd that feel?)
~wtaunt4 (Come get some!)
~whello (Hi!)
~wbye (Bye!)
~wacknow (Command acknowledged!)
~wobjcomp (Objective complete!)
~wobjxcmp (Unable to complete objective!)

Rating 0

Snow space

Enable the exec(editor); code, then look up and make it snow. A star field will keep going up and you will be in snow space.