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Starsiege Tribes Cheats "Special voices" (PC)


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Special voices

Type one of the following entries at the chat feature.

~wcolor6 (Damn it)
~wdsgst4 (Argh)
~wdsgst5 (Sigh)
~wcheer2 (Woo Hoo)
~wcheer1 (All right)
~wcheer3 (Yea)
~wyes (Yes)
~wwatchsh (Hey)
~wbelay (Belay order)
~wdoh (Ah crap - female only)
~wdoh (Doh - male only)

The following a list of things to type and get a voice in a game and your own personal touch without the need of a voice pack. For example, type ~wattack to say "Attack!" without words. However, type Get Them! ~wattack into the chat window, your message will say "Get Them!" and you will hear "Attack!".

~wattack (Attack!)
~wwaitsig (Wait for my signal to attack!)
~wcease (Cease Fire!)
~wmoveout (Move out!)
~wretreat (Retreat!)
~whitdeck (Hit the deck!)
~wregroup (Regroup!)
~wcoverme (Cover Me!)
~wono (Going Offence!)
~wwaitpas (APC redy to go... waiting for passengers)
~wtgtacq (Target aquired!)
~wfiretgt (Fire on my target!)
~wneedtgt (I need a target!)
~wtgtout (Target out of range.)
~wdesgen (Destroy the enemy Generators )
~wgendes (Enemy generator destroyed!)
~wdestur (Destroy enemy turrets!)
~wturdes (Enemy turret destroyed!)
~wincom2 (Incoming Enemies!)
~wbasatt (We are being attacked!)
~wbasundr (The enemy is attacking our base!)
~wneeddef (We need more defense!)
~wdefbase (Defend our base!)
~wdefend (Defending our base!)
~wbasetkn (Our base has been taken!)
~wbsclr2 (Our base is secure!)
~wisbsclr (Is our base clear?)
~wflgtkn1 (Our flag is not in the base!)
~wflgtkm2 (The enemy has our flag!)
~whaveflg (I have the enemy flag!)
~wflaghm (Our flag is secure!)
~wretflag (Return our flag to our base!)
~wgeteflg (Get the enemy falg!)
~wflgmine (Our flag is mined!)
~wclrflg (Clear the mines from our flag!)
~wmineclr (Mines have been cleared!)
~wneedrep (Need repairs!)
~wneedpku (I need an APC pickup!)
~wneedesc (I need an escort back to base!)
~wneedamo (Can anyone bring me some ammo?!?!)
~wwshoot3 (Watch were you're shooting!)
~wdontkno (I don't know!)
~wno (No)
~wyes (Yes)
~wthanks (Thanks)
~wnoprob (No Problem)
~wsorry (Sorry)
~whurystn (Hurry up with that station!)
~woops1 (Doh!)
~woops2 (Oops!)
~wcolor2 (Shazbot!)
~wcolor6 (Damnit!)
~wcolor7 (Ah Crap!)
~wdsgst1 (Duh!)
~wdsgst2 (You idiot!)
~wovrhere (Over here!)
~woutway (Move outta the way!)
~wretreat (Retreat!)
~wdsgst4 (Stop)
~wcheer1 (All right!)
~wcheer2 (Woo Hoo!)
~wcheer3 (Yeah!)
~wtaunt10 (How'd that feel?)
~wtaunt4 (Come get some!)
~whello (Hi!)
~wbye (Bye!)
~wacknow (Command acknowledged!)
~wobjcomp (Objective complete!)
~wobjxcmp (Unable to complete objective!)

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