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Startopia Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

While holding F11 during gameplay, activate the following cheats byentering the corresponding codes:

Change game speed [NOTE 1] rshiftspeedup
Cel shader mode - tomfdigsmanga
Display frame rate - showfps
Display script information2 - scriptinfo
Full alpha mode - xyzzy
Press [Right Shift] + [Keypad 6] to skip level - rshiftlevelwin
Scuzzer cam mode3 - rshiftscuzzercam
Sinclair Spectrum mode [NOTE 4] cliveroolz
Wire frame mode - bangunsnotgames

NOTE 1: To speed up, hold RIGHT SHIFT + >, to slow down hold RIGHT SHIFT + <. to resume normal speed hold RIGHT SHIFT + L.
NOTE 2: Press RIGHT SHIFT + TAB to cycle through display types, press LEFT SHIFT+ TAB to cycle backwards.
NOTE 3: Hold RIGHT SHIFT + KEYPAD 7 to cycle forward through views and hold RIGHT SHIFT + KEYPAD 8 to cycle backward through views.
NOTE 4: The screen resolution will change to match that of the 8-bit Sinclair Spectrum PC. Repeat the code again to increase the resolution. Repeat the code a third time to return to normal.

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