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Storm in a Teacup PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Black Tea - Complete a level without collecting any sugar.
Breakout! - Complete level 38 without getting the key.
Challenge Complete - Complete all of the challenge levels.
Complete Bonus - Complete all of the bonus levels.
Don't Jump - Complete a level without jumping.
Don't Look Back - Complete level 22 without pushing left.
Living the Dream - Complete all of the story levels.
One Lump, or Two? - Complete level 15 having only collected one or two Sugars.
Perfect Bonus - Achieve a Perfect on each bonus level.
Perfect Challenge - Achieve a Perfect on each challenge level.
Perfect Ten - Achieve a Perfect in 10 or more story levels.
Perfectionist - Achieve a Perfect on each story level.
Pretty Sweet - Collect all of the Sugar from the story levels.
Survival Guide - Score 30 or more in any survival level.
Survival of the Fittest - Score 30 or more in all of the survival levels.
Take a Bow - Achieve a Perfect on the credits level.
The Collector - Collect each Sticker from every story level.
Thirty-Something - Achieve a Perfect in 30 or more story levels.
Twenty's Plenty - Achieve a Perfect in 20 or more story levels.

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