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Stronghold 2 Cheats "Easy resources" (PC)


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Easy resources

Use the following trick when you are low on supplies and need to build things (especially when you do not have a market). Press P to pause game play, then place a building that needs supplies of what you want (for example, wood, stone, or gold; use a siege camp for gold). Place it anywhere. The building will not disappear -- you can keep "delete" clicking until you have as many supplies of wood, gold, and stone as desired. When you resume the game, check your stockpile (or before) to make sure that you actually deleted it. Note: You will not the benefit of this on all levels, as some do not have the building of gold or stone you can delete. Also, if you have a market and can build something that costs gold to build, you can use this trick and purchase things you need, like food.

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