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Stronghold Crusader Cheats "Crossbowmen hint" (PC)


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Crossbowmen hint

Crossbowmen are effective for base and offensive measures. Build up at least fifteen Crossbowmen at the start, then buy them and place a tower near a stronghold or farm, depending on the landscape. For offensive tactics, build up the following: 75-100 Crossbowmen, 2 Balista or 8 Assassins and 2 Catapults. Destroy enemy towers first, then move the Baslistas and Crossbowmen in for the kill. Pick off enemy troops and use Assassins to take the gate house, or have a Siege Tower so you can get on to the ramparts. After that, have your Crossbowmen shoot the Enemy Lord while only suffering minimal casualties. Note: This does not work well in multi-player games against human opponents without the support of a lot of Swordsmen. However, this is still a high risk tactic in multiplayer mode as the opposing lord may wipe out your Crossbowmen. For base defense, when you have your production up and running, make sure you have two to three huge Siege Towers full of Crossbowmen. This tactic works very well. To get crossbowmen recruits up and running, build one or two dairy farms. Then, build three Tanners to each farm and have three or more armorers to build crossbows. Have eight or more peasants around the campfire. You should have your keep enclosed by now. If you have a money source, you can purchase Crossbowmen. Have many iron mines or quarries for income. Also, you can have inns and raise taxes. You should also
have gardens for the people.

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