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Stronghold Crusader Cheats "General strategies" (PC)


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General strategies

-When having trouble with some of the first levels of the crusader trail, where you have more money than your opponent, try this. Build a Granary and a few necessary things like a Market. After that, build a Mercenary Post. Train a lot of Assassins and attack your opponent immediately. This will save you some time, so you can get to the higher levels faster.

-If you are stuck in the level where the Wolf has 40000 credits, and you only 7000, when you have built your base and can beat his attacks (easy if you know how to defend), his castle is enormous. Look carefully and you will see that if you put a Rolling Tower against his wall to the northeast, you can get up with about 150 Macemen. You will be able to maneuver through his castle.

-Superior numbers are everything. This is a very economic game. A stronger economy supports a stronger military. It is much cheaper to have too many Archers on your walls than just enough. Slaughtering the enemy before most of the troops reach the walls saves you a lot of stone and Archers in the long run.

-It's all about defense. If the funds are there, build 15 to 20 Archers or Crossbowmen (depending on the enemy; the Rat never uses armored troops, so archers are good enough) and enough Lookout Towers to house them (five to a tower) near resources that would normally be far away from the keep. Use the Gatehouse strategy or put Pikemen at the bottom of the stairs to protect them. You only need huge towers for Ballista and Mangonels, and Lookout Towers for Archers (because of range) for castle defense. Once your castle is well defended enough to remain unattended, build multiple Trebuchets just out of range of enemy Mangonels atop their towers. Send about 10 Archers and Crossbowmen (again depending on enemy) and 10 swordsmen per Trebuchet as protection. From here, you can pummel the enemy walls, let them rebuild, and do it again. He will send troops to destroy the Trebuchets, but your Archers will pick them off easily. Continue replenishing the Trebuchets and accompanying soldiers. After a while, he will run out of money, troops, and resources. You can then walk in the huge gap in his walls.

-When attacking an enemy tower, do destroy it completely. This will allow the enemy to rebuild one in the exact same location. To complete this, just attack the tower until it turns to rubble. This will leave a useless structure in a location that cannot longer be built on. Also, after a building is destroyed the CPU will attempt to build another in the same exact location. Simply place a man in the area of the destroyed building, and this will prevent that from occurring.

-After getting your economy and defense up and running, you need to think about crippling your opponents. Get an Assassin from the Mercenary Post and send him towards the enemy castle until the gatehouse closes. After that, stop the Assassin. This indicates that the buildings outside the enemy castle will crumble and your opponent's economy will collapse, making it pretty simple to wipe him off the map. Note: If your opponent has more than one gatehouse, you must block both or it will not work. This works because Assassins stay hidden until a certain distance from the walls.

-For easy defense, first get your wall built. Once you have a marketplace and plenty of gold, go to the marketplace and purchase plenty of Pitch to surround your castle. Make sure you have a Smelter. After surrounding your castle in Pitch, get your engineer on the wall with hot oil in his pot. When the enemy surrounds your wall to bring it down, pour the oil and watch the enemy burn. Note: Pour the oil after about ten men are there so that you do not waste your defense.

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