Stunt Track Driver PC Cheats

Rating 2


Press C to crash.

Rating 1

Toggle track lights

Press L when driving on a custom track to toggle track lights.

Rating 1

Easy win hint

Begin a race on the Roller Coaster track in division 2. Roll your car back and forth over the starting line three times.

Rating 0

Secret track

-After unlocking all the normal tracks, go to the track selection screen and click on the "Hot Wheels" icon to play on a secret track:

-After completing all the timed tracks, advance to the practice track menu where you can selecte a track. Looking at the background picture, point to the letter "A" in the word "Mattel" that is on the red seal. Right click on the "A". When done correctly, you will hear the music change to a space theme. When you hear the music, click on the green "Go" button as you would to play a normal track after selecting it. Choose any car desired, then click the green "Go" button to race on the Space track.

Rating 0

Remove custom map in background

Press W to remove custom map in background.

Rating 0

Use horn

Press SPACE to honk your horn.