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Summoner Cheats "Easy levels and items glitch" (PC)


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Easy levels and items glitch

During multi-player mode, max out your bow skills and magic resistance. Then, go to last level, the one during winter. Run straight through both levels. Due to a glitch, only two or three monsters will follow you. Because you can run faster than any of the monsters in the levels, you will not get hurt. Make sure you know the way through the levels. When you get to the last level in Lenele with the final Boss, stand back and attack him with your bow. He will only use magic, and if you have maxed magic resistance nothing he casts can hurt you. Each time you kill him, you will gain a level and get most of the good items from him, such as the Assassin's Crossbow and the Sword Of Summoners (under the hard difficulty setting). You can do this until you reach the last level and sell most of his items for plenty of gold.

2 years ago

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