Summoner PC Cheats

Rating 4

Stone Statues strategy

When facing physically invulnerable enemies such as Stone Statues, summon the Wraith and physically manipulate him using his Icy Touch and Life Leech. The Wraith is also impervious to the Stone Statue's attacks, but can be easily injured by your own area effect spells -- take all the necessary precautions. Otherwise, a single battle using useless spells can run maybe fifteen minutes.

Rating 3

Easy money and experience

Once you get past the Khosoni Labrynth (around level 12), you should have a chance against the Fire Imps. These are found in encounters on the world map on a hill to the left of the Lenele gate (the name of place is Forest Night). The Fire Imps give around 250 XP and occasionally drop Garnets or Citrines. Garnets are valued at 10,000 and Citrines are about the same. These can be sold to a merchant in Khosoni. The Fire Imp stats are:

Lvl: 12
HP: 225
Dmg: 10
Prot: 32
Mag Res: 24
Weak to Ice, Strong to Fire.

Rating 2

The Rider strategy

When you come back to the main land and head towards Lenelle, you will usually run into the Rider on the black horse. Buy three or more Meteor and Inferno spells. Use about three Meteor and one Inferno spell to quickly eliminate the threat of the Rider.

Rating 1

Easy wins

When facing difficult opponents such as the blue armored officers, it is best to used the following technique if Fleece is available. Once you enter the battle, use Party mode then switch to Solo mode while playing as Fleece. It is recommended that Fleece's Skill trip be at a level 5 and Backstab at level 8 or higher. While fighting trip-able enemies, like the blue armored officers or advanced officers, use Trip then move behind the opponent and use Stab. This trick does not work for flying and heavy enemies like Golems and Mephits that are immune to Trip. If Fleece backstabs at 12 or higher, this move can do major damage.

Rating 1

Lagaros long sword

When you must get to the Temple of Urath with Flece, do not skip the marketplace and head for the crown district. When you head up the slope and see the two axmen, guarding the bridge to your right in the marketplace kill them and go left. When near the entrance to Lenele, you will see a few guards wandering near the door. You may need the aid of a summon in order to dispose of them -- save the game first. When they are gone, you will see a civilian nearby. Speak to him. He will tell you that he is upset because a knight of Sornehan, Sir Horum, has disgraced his family by defeating him. He wants you to avenge him by killing Sir Horum. He guards the bridge to the other half of the market. Once he is dead, return and talk to the man again. Occasionally more guards will appear. He will give you some money and the Lagaros long sword. This sword has a 75 attack, good speed, and can be held with one hand.

Rating 1

Easy levels and items glitch

During multi-player mode, max out your bow skills and magic resistance. Then, go to last level, the one during winter. Run straight through both levels. Due to a glitch, only two or three monsters will follow you. Because you can run faster than any of the monsters in the levels, you will not get hurt. Make sure you know the way through the levels. When you get to the last level in Lenele with the final Boss, stand back and attack him with your bow. He will only use magic, and if you have maxed magic resistance nothing he casts can hurt you. Each time you kill him, you will gain a level and get most of the good items from him, such as the Assassin's Crossbow and the Sword Of Summoners (under the hard difficulty setting). You can do this until you reach the last level and sell most of his items for plenty of gold.

Rating 1


Hold LEFT SHIFT + ~ and click on a location that you can normally reach. You can do use this to get past obstacles such as locked doors.

Rating 1

Giant Salamanka Boss

Run down the steps. A short intermission sequence will start. You will then get the Ring of Fire. Afterwards, just go to your inventory and equip the Ring of Fire. Summon the Red Minotaur. This monster does good damage and will help you win. Note: Keeping Joseph alive is critical, as the Minotaur will easily kill your allies if Joseph dies.

Rating 1

Easy money

Enter the sewers and defeat Bacites for their tails. Acquire about 30 or more and go visit Merden. He will give you over 1,000 gold pieces for the number of tails.

Rating 1

Hero's Armor

Find King Talas in the forests by Lenele. Speak to him, then go to the Mountain Of The Wise. Talk to a man near the jeweler (on your left side). After that, go back and find Talas. Tell him to go to the Mountain Of The Wise and meet him there. Look around the left side and you should find him. He will give you the Hero's Armor for Jeker.

Rating 0

Hidden FMV sequence

Select the "Credits" option from the main menu, then press ESC while the credits are being displayed.

Rating 0

Easy way to get to Lenelle

This trick will help you get to the town of Lenelle quicker, and get the items and equipment you need. When you start your trek to Lenelle, about half way or more, open your options screen and save the game. Once you meet the rider on the way to the town, quickly open up the options screen and select "Load game". This will help keep the rider off of your back until you are ready to defeat him.

Rating 0

Shard Sword

You can get the Shard Sword early in your quest. Find a woman in the old city and collect the three shard pieces. The green shard is in the Lenele sewers, the red shard is in the Temple Of Urath, and the blue shard in the catacombs on Iona. Return them to the woman to get the Shard Sword as a reward. The Shard Sword has great strength but a slightly low speed.