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Steam achievements **Updated 10 months ago**

Aerial Ace Clear the Hydro Islands.
Alpha as Fudge Kill the Patriarch.
Boom Baby Kill 2 enemies with a single Bomb.
Bring It On Beat a level on Hard.
Core Guardian Get a perfect round.
Disciple Clear the Training Area.
Done and Done Beat all levels on Normal.
Environmental Expert Clear the Brightholme Industries.
He Wasn't So Tough Kill a Huge Walker.
Hero of Elysion Beat all levels on Hard.
I Hate Maize Have no blocks at the end of a level.
Liberator Kill 10.000 Walkers.
Line Em' Up Kill 10 enemies in a single Penentrator shot.
Look Mom I Did It! Kill a Big Walker.
Maximizer Max out all perk trees.
One Small Step Complete one level.
Perky Max out one perk tree.
Ruin Ranger Clear Brightholme Industries.
Skill Master Beat a wave with only skills and blocks.
The Great Maze Build a REALLY long maze.
Tower Master Complete a level without using any skills.
Exalted Elysion Clear Elysion
It's Fast, but I'm Faster Kill the Charger and all its clones.
Monsterkill Kill 10 enemies with a single shot.
Now We're Talkin' Unlock all tower and skill slots.

11 months ago

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