Supreme Commander PC Cheats

Rating 4

Defense hints

-Focus on defenses as the enemy uses quick attacks. First, build five Tech 1 defenses at entry points to your base to protect from flanks. Build Tech 2 and 3 level defenses later.

-UEF has the best shield generators, only second to Aeon.

-Cybran defenses are tracking capable and will follow its target until destroyed, unlike UEF or Aeon defenses.

-When building Tech 3 Structures use about 20 engineers and your ACU to build it quicker. Note: When building Tech 3 structures your Mass and Energy will depleted rapidly. Keep an eye on the resources.

Rating 2

Offense tips

-Air units 30+ (mostly bombers) are useful against ACU or Commanders.

-Try using ranged weapons against enemy defenses outside their range. This should ensure your attacking units are covered.

-Build two Tech 3 strategic missile launchers (Nuke Silos) and put them on auto build. Launch two nukes at a time by selecting both silos, as the enemy will build one anti-nuke defense. This will guarantee a hit.

Rating 2

Starting a new base

When you start a new base, concentrate on resources mostly Mass not Energy. Energy is easy to create, as advanced engineers do this job well. Build at least six Tech 3 Mass fabricators quicker to build and provide more mass then extractors. This should ensure you have enough Mass and at least four Tech 3 Fusion generators to create enough power.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "game.prefs" file in the "c:\documents and settings\\local settings\application data\gas powered games\supremecommander\" folder. Add the following lines to start of the file:

debug = {  enable_debug_facilities = true,  cheatenable = 1  }  

Once done, press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes have alternate shortcut key combinations which can be used during game play, without the console window opened, to activate the same cheat:

Teleport selected units to pointer location - Teleport
Increase your storage capacity for all raw materials by 10,000 and fills camps completely - BlingBling
Toggle full map - SallyShears
Toggle all units cause no more damage - Nodamage
All units and building on killed with death animations - KillAll
All units and building on killed without death animations - DestroyAll
Kill unit or building with death animation - Kill
Kill unit or building without death animation - Destroy
Show/hides extra information at the left edge of screen - Show act
Unit creation menu - PopupCreatUnitMenu
Take over other player; -1 is spectators. - SetFocusArmyPlayer <-1 to 7>
Change gravity; 4,9 is default. - Sim_gravity
Change the player color - SetArmyColor
Damage indicated unit; use negative value to heal it. - DamageUnit
Units and buildings are immediately build, research immediately completed - ai_freebuild
Units, buildings, and research do not cost anything - ai_instabuild
Give name to selected unit - RenameUnit
Assign console command to key(s) - IN_BindKey
Shows all key bindings - IN_DumpKeyNames
Change game speed - WLD_gamespeed <-10 to 10>
Set game speed to default - WLD_resetsimrate
Increase game speed by 1 - WLD_increasesimrate
Decrease game speed by 1 - WLD_decreasesimrate
Toggle opponent AI - [Alt] + A
Return to main menu - Quit
Exit to Windows - Exit