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Steam achievements

A Little Knowledge... - Build a Honeypot that grows to 50 damage per second.
A Stunning Achievement - Stun boss viruses 250 times.
Adapt to This - Destroy 5000 adaptive viruses.
All's Fair in Trojan War - Kill 250 Background Viruses with Ping Cannons.
Bragboard Hero - Get a #1 score.
Caulk the Wagon and Float It - Beat Stream Lattice on Frumious.
Certified Average - Beat 15 levels on Normal.
Chips and Dip - Beat Guacamole on Frumious.
Double Master++ - Beat every level on Frumious.
Elite Sniper - A single Sudo Kill Command destroys 50 viruses.
Fire At Wall - Successfully defend a server using only Walls and Firewalls.
Hello, World - Get a top 10 score.
I Can See You - Destroy 5000 background viruses.
In a Rush - Manually advance ever wave in a server and successfully defend it.
Mad Rush - Manually advance every wave in a server and successfully defend it, while playing on Frumious difficulty.
Master Newbie - Beat 15 levels on Easy.
Maximum Drama - An adaptive virus boss reaches a DataCore with less than 1% of its health.
One and Seven Zeroes - Fire 10 million multiplexer lasers.
Overtime - Clock 45 hours of gameplay.
Performance Enhancement - Kill a total of 500 Code Injector infected viruses with Honeypots.
Pyramid Power - Kill more than 500 viruses in a server with Pyramid Antivirus^(TM) nodes.
ReadMe - Play through the tutorial.
Smash Brothers - Have two adjacent Compressors trigger at the same instant.
Specialists Only - Successfully defend a server without building any Ping Cannons or Multiplexers.
Speeding Ticket - Destroy 5000 overclocked viruses.
Stockholm Syndrome - Destroy 5000 stock viruses.
Switch Master - Find and activate all switches.
Take Out The Trash - Destroy 5000 refurb viruses.
The Harder They Fall - Destroy 5000 hardened viruses.
Timing is Everything - Destroy 50 viruses with a single, fully charged Compressor strike.
Versatility - Build at least one of every structure on a server (and win).
Where Credits Are Due - Beat the About level.
You Line 'Em Up - Kill a total of 500 Code Injector infected viruses with Compressor blasts.

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