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System Shock 2 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Hold SHIFT and press SEMICOLON during game play in action mode, while inventory is not on-screen, to display the command prompt . Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Maximum stats - ubermensch
All psi points - psi_full
Display version number - show_version
Create object from item list - summon_obj
Obtain indicated amount of cyber modules - add_pool
Toggle inventory panel - toggle_inv
Cycle available ammo - cycle_ammo
Toggle compass state - toggle_compass
Toggle query cursor - query <0 or 1>
Toggle split cursor - split <0 or 1>
Jump the player - shock_jump_player
Set cursor into look mode - look_cursor
Reload weapon from inventory - reload_gun
Switch primary and secondary weapons - swap_guns
Toggle between weapon settings - wpn_setting_toggle
Bring up the Psi power selection MFD - select_psipower
Search and equip weapon from inventory - equip_weapon
Cycle equipable weapons - cycle_weapon <-1 or 1>
Act like the 1-5 level buttons - psi_power
Open up an MFD by overlay constant - open_mfd
Stats upgrades - open_mfd 35
Tech upgrades - open_mfd 36
Weapons upgrades - open_mfd 37
Psi upgrades - open_mfd 38
Quantum Simulation Chip - chip a
Linear Simulation Chip - chip b
Interpolated Simulation Chip - chip c
Stop current playing email/log - stop_email
Clear existing teleport marker - clear_teleport
Bind quick slot - quickbind
Activate quick slot - quickuse
Use object by name - use_obj
Toggle message history - msg_history
Play unread log - play_unread_log
Toggle mouselook and cursor modes - toggle_mouse
Switch between modes - frob_toggle
Simple frob of selected object - frob_object
Simple frob of selected object, in world or inventory - frob_object_inv
Use an item in inventory - interface_use
Fire weapon - fire_weapon <0 or 1>
Drag and drop - drag_and_drop <0 or 1>
Drag and drop - drag_and_drop_frob <0 or 1>
Drag and drop - drag_and_drop_mode <0 or 1>
Save to current folder - quicksave
Load from current fikder - quickload

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