System Shock 2 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Cheat Codes

Hold SHIFT and press SEMICOLON during game play in action mode, while inventory is not on-screen, to display the command prompt . Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Maximum stats - ubermensch
All psi points - psi_full
Display version number - show_version
Create object from item list - summon_obj
Obtain indicated amount of cyber modules - add_pool
Toggle inventory panel - toggle_inv
Cycle available ammo - cycle_ammo
Toggle compass state - toggle_compass
Toggle query cursor - query <0 or 1>
Toggle split cursor - split <0 or 1>
Jump the player - shock_jump_player
Set cursor into look mode - look_cursor
Reload weapon from inventory - reload_gun
Switch primary and secondary weapons - swap_guns
Toggle between weapon settings - wpn_setting_toggle
Bring up the Psi power selection MFD - select_psipower
Search and equip weapon from inventory - equip_weapon
Cycle equipable weapons - cycle_weapon <-1 or 1>
Act like the 1-5 level buttons - psi_power
Open up an MFD by overlay constant - open_mfd
Stats upgrades - open_mfd 35
Tech upgrades - open_mfd 36
Weapons upgrades - open_mfd 37
Psi upgrades - open_mfd 38
Quantum Simulation Chip - chip a
Linear Simulation Chip - chip b
Interpolated Simulation Chip - chip c
Stop current playing email/log - stop_email
Clear existing teleport marker - clear_teleport
Bind quick slot - quickbind
Activate quick slot - quickuse
Use object by name - use_obj
Toggle message history - msg_history
Play unread log - play_unread_log
Toggle mouselook and cursor modes - toggle_mouse
Switch between modes - frob_toggle
Simple frob of selected object - frob_object
Simple frob of selected object, in world or inventory - frob_object_inv
Use an item in inventory - interface_use
Fire weapon - fire_weapon <0 or 1>
Drag and drop - drag_and_drop <0 or 1>
Drag and drop - drag_and_drop_frob <0 or 1>
Drag and drop - drag_and_drop_mode <0 or 1>
Save to current folder - quicksave
Load from current fikder - quickload

Rating 4

Item list

Enter the following item names with the summon_obj code:

10 nanites
20 nanites
5 nanites
anti-annelid toxin
ap clip
arach. organ
assault rifle
baby arachnid
big nanite pile
blast turret
blue monkey
bridge card
cargo bay 1a/1b
cargo bay 2a/2b
chem #1 (Fm Fermium)
chem #10 (Ir Iridium)
chem #11 (As Arsenic)
chem #12 (Cs Cesium)
chem #13 (Hs Hassium)
chem #14 (Te Tellurium)
chem #15 (Mo Molybendium)
chem #16 (Tc Technetium)
chem #17 (Ra Radium)
chem #18 (Ba Barium)
chem #19 (Se Selenium)
chem #2 (V Vanadium)
chem #3 (Ga Gallium )
chem #4 (Sb Antimony)
chem #5 (Y Yttrium)
chem #6 (Cu Copper)
chem #7 (Cf Californium)
chem #8 (Na Sodium)
chem #9 (Os Osmium)
crew 2 card
crew bed
crew card
cryo card
crystal shard
detox patch
electro shock
emp grenade
emp rifle
emp shot
eng override key
explode barrel
female appar.
floor pod
french-epstein device
fusion cannon
fusion shot
gr. over. organ
greater over.
gren launcher
grub floor pod
grub organ
grub wall pod
hack soft v3
he clip
heavy armor
hydro card a
hydro card b
hydro card c
ice pick
incend. grenade
int boost
invisibile arachnid
large prism
large worm beaker
laser pistol
laser turret
light armor
maintenance tool
male appar.
med annex key
med bed
med bed key
med card
med patch
medical kit
medium armor
midwife organ
mn. over. organ
modify soft v3
molec. analyzer
monkey brain
og organ
ops override key
pellet shot box
portable battery
power cell
protocol droid
prox. grenade
psi amp
psi booster
psi trainer
r and d card
rad barrel
rad patch
rec crew key
red assassin
red monkey
reflec armor
repair soft v3
research soft v3
rick room key
rick turret
rickenbacker card
rifled slug box
rumbler organ
science card
security camera
security card
security comp
shuttle access key
slug turret
small prism
soda can
speed boost
standard clip
stasis field generator
stats trainer
strength boost
swarm organ
swarmer floor pod
swarmer wall pod
tech trainer
timed grenade
toxin grenade
trait machine
turret rocket
vacc suit
viral prolif
wall pod
weapon trainer
wide machinery
worm launcher
worm skin

Rating 4

Basketball game

Go to the wall opposite the Registration Building at street level before you go into the UNN building. Locate for the short ledge to the right. Walk up to it, hold SPACE and walk forward. Look at the basketball located there, and right click to take it. Once you reach the gym on the recreation deck (where first rumbler is fought), right click on the basketball to shoot. Keep trying until sinking a basket to view a hidden message.

Rating 1

View previous commands

Hold SHIFT and press SEMICOLON to display the command prompt, then press TAB. The last command entered will appear in the list.

Rating 0

Cheat Mode

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. Locate the "user.cfg" file in the game folder. If it is not present, copy the "ip.cfg" file from the "\help" folder to the game directory and rename it to "user.cfg". Use a text editor to edit the "user.cfg" file. Add the following entries to the file:

gun_degrade_rate 0

This allows the game to be played in God mode with weapons that do not break and monsters that do not respawn.