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Team Fortress 2 Cheats "Airblast" (PC)


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The Pyro can airblast people or rockets, stickies, and grenades by RIGHT CLICKING when equipped with the normal flamethrower. It does not work with the Backburner. This can be useful to throw back an ubered pair going to your sentries or going to the spawn point. Usually the enemies are disoriented by being airblasted and will not react quickly to kill the Pyro, mainly if it is a Demoman aiming for Sentries. You can also throw away stickies that are close to your spawn points, on capture points, or on a cart. It is also a way to reach the Hot Potato achievement faster. It is easier with stickies on the ground than a moving rocket when you are not used to airblasting. Because the cost is 25 ammo, airblast only when it is helpful or you will be forced to take ammo pack or to retreat to the nearest dispenser.

2 years ago

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