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Team Fortress 2 Cheats "Items Obtained From Achievements" (PC)


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Items Obtained From Achievements

Many items can be obtained by either unlocking a number of achievements for their respective class or unlocking certain achievements. Unlock the following items (given on the next round-end or player death) by unlocking the corresponding achievements:
Ambassador (Weapon) Unlock 5 Spy Achievements
Axtinguisher (Weapon) Unlock 22 Pyro Achievements
Backburner (Weapon) Unlock 16 Pyro Achievements
Blutsauger (Weapon) Unlock 10 Medic Achievements
Bombinomicon (Miscellaneous item) Unlock the "Dive Into A Good Book" Achievement.
Bonk! Atomic Punch (Weapon) Unlock 22 Scout Achievements
Buff Banner (Weapon) Unlock 17 Soldier Achievements
Chargin' Targe (Weapon) Unlock 5 Demoman Achievements
Cloak and Dagger (Weapon) Unlock 11 Spy Achievements
Dead Ringer (Weapon) Unlock 17 Spy Achievements
Direct hit (Weapon) Unlock 11 Soldier Achievements
Director's Vision (Action Taunt) Unlock the "Star Of My Own Show" Achievement.
Equalizer (Weapon) Unlock 5 Soldier Achievements
Eyelander (Weapon) Unlock 11 Demoman Achievements
Flare gun (Weapon) Unlock 10 Pyro Achievements
Force-A-Nature (Weapon) Unlock 10 Scout Achievements
Frontier Justice (Weapon) Unlock 5 Engineer Achievements
Frontline Field Recorder (Hat) Unlock the "Local Cinema Star" Achievement.
Full Head Of Steam (Hat) Unlock the "Foundry Milestone" Achievement.
Gentle Munitionne of Leisure (Hat) Unlock the "Doomsday Milestone" Achievement.
Ghostly Gibus (Hat) Unlock the "Ghastly Gibus Grab" Achievement.
Gunslinger (Weapon) Unlock 11 Engineer Achievements
Haunted Metal Scrap (Crafting Item) Unlock the "Gored!" Achievement.
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head (Hat) Unlock the "Sleepy Holl0WND" Achievement.
Huntsman (Weapon) Unlock 5 Sniper Achievements
Jarate (Weapon) Unlock 11 Sniper Achievements
Killing Gloves of Boxing (Weapon) Unlock 20 Heavy Achievements
Kritzkrieg (Weapon) Unlock 16 Medic Achievements
Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask (Hat) Unlock the "Candy Coroner" Achievement.
MONOCULUS! (Hat) Unlock the "Optical Defusion" Achievement.
Natascha (Weapon) Unlock 15 Heavy Achievements
Pyrovision Goggles (Miscellaneous item) Unlock the "A Fresh Pair of Eyes" Achievement.
Razorback (Weapon) Unlock 17 Sniper Achievements
Sandman (Weapon) Unlock 16 Scout Achievements
Sandvich (Weapon) Unlock 10 Heavy Achievements
Scottish Resistance (Weapon) Unlock 17 Demoman Achievements
Skull Island Topper (Hat) Unlock the "A Lovely Vacation Spot" Achievement.
Ubersaw (Weapon) Unlock 22 Medic Achievements
Wrangler (Weapon) Unlock 17 Engineer Achievements

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