The Catacomb Abyss PC Cheats

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Red Demons strategy

Hit them once with a Super Zapper to take them out.

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Nemesis strategy

Once you kill every demon, cure your self to full health. When Nemesis appears, hold SUPER ZAPPER + CURE. You should have a quick and trouble-free fight that lasts about six seconds.

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Weak walls

The following areas have weak walls:

Level 1: Windows
Level 2: Vines
Haunt Of Nemesis: Statues
The Well: Water vents

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by pressing F10 and one of the corresponding keys:

Level warp - W
Freeze monsters - Z
Extra items - I
God mode - G
Level skip - E
Overhead view - O
Exit game - Q
Display tics - T
Display version number - V
View memory usage - M
Scroll - <Scroll number 1-8>

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Strange level

Activate the "Level warp" code to display the level selector (1-18). Then, enter "20" to access a strange level with tablets from previous levels. All the exits lead to level one.