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The Fate Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-Spawn a" Legendary Frostrind" repeatedly. They must be identified. Also spawn a "Book Of Identify". "Legendary Frostrinds", if identified, will sell for 5.6 million gp each.

-Spawn "Legendary Ancestral Footsteps" and identify them. They sell for 11 million gp each. If you spawn nineteen "Legendary Ancestral Footsteps" then spawn two "Book of Identify" you will get over 200 million gp once they are identified and sold. Use your pet as extra inventory space and you can raise your fame at the minstrel rapidly.

-Spawn ten "Legendary Ancestral Footsteps" and Identify them. Spawn a number of "Magic Anvils" needed to put two sockets on each Ancestral Footstep, then spawn a number of "Andrew Swift's Turquoise Eye" to fill all the sockets with them. Once the boots have been identified and the gems have been added, they will sell for over 25 million gp.

-Socket both "Gems Of Ages" into the "King's Fistcuffs" to sell them for about 9 million gp.

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