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Theme Hospital Cheats "Bonus level" (PC)


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Bonus level

When you are brought up with the fax machine, click on the buttons 24328, Green Button, 7287, Green Button, 999. You will hear a telephone ring louder than the others to confirm correct code entry. After completing the level, you will be brought to the "Rat Shoot" level. Complete that level, and you will be brought back to the game board. However, this time you will see your pointer. Hold C and click on the other piece (to the left of the screen and in the shape of a lady that is green). If nothing happens, release C. If done correctly, you will se a short FMV sequence and will be brought to a secret level. The game may restart after a while, but it will not damage your progress. If it does not reset, you will eventually see pregnant women.

2 years ago

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